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Trivia Questions

  1. Actor Connor McIntyre won the "Villain of the Year" award at The British Soap Awards 2016 for playing which Coronation Street baddie?
  2. Who shot J.R.?
  3. Who did Janine marry on New Year's Eve 2003 and then kill on New Year's Day 2004?
  4. Which fictional character from Emmerdale is played by Claire King?
  5. Who was responsible for the death of Reg Cox?

  6. Which fictional character was the only one to have appeared in the first episode of Brookside in 1982 and the final episode in 2003?
  7. Who went to a watery grave in 2003 when he drove Gail Platt and her family into the Weatherfield canal?
  8. Angela Channing was the tyrannical matriarch of which winery?
  9. Abby, played by Donna Mills, is a fictional character from which soap opera?
  10. Martin Kemp played which EastEnders villain?
  11. What was the first name of the scheming ex-wife of Blake Carrington?
  12. The Gloved Hand Killer was a mystery serial killer in which soap?
  13. Who sold his son Tommy and fleeced his parents Jack and Vera?
  14. Which soap villain was murdered on Christmas Night 2009 after being hit with a bust of Queen Victoria?
  15. Name the illegitimate son of Zak who is the village's local hardman?
  16. What was the nickname of the corrupt and sinister Joan Ferguson in the Australian TV soap opera Prisoner: Cell Block H?
  17. Alan Bradley was killed when knocked down by what sort of vehicle?
  18. 'Pat the Rat' appeared in which soap?
  19. Brian Aldridge is often considered to be the villain of which soap?
  20. What was the first name of EastEnders baddie Willmott-Brown?


  1. Pat Phelan
  2. Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby)
  3. Barry Evans
  4. Kim Tate
  5. Nick Cotton
  6. Barry Grant
  7. Richard Hillman
  8. Falcon Crest Winery
  9. Knots Landing
  10. Steve Owen
  11. Alexis
  12. Hollyoaks
  13. Terry Duckworth
  14. Archie Mitchell
  15. Cain Dingle

  16. The Freak
  17. Blackpool tram
  18. Sons and Daughters
  19. The Archers
  20. James