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Spelling Test I - some commonly misspelled words!

Simply hover over the correct spelling. If it's green you're correct, red you're wrong!

Eight easy(ish) spellings...

A person employed to drive a luxury car?
Chauffeur    Chaufeur    Chauffer

Provide lodgings or sufficient space for?
Accommodate    Acommodate    Accomodate

The action of murdering someone?
Assacination    Asassination    Assassination

A period of a thousand years?
Millennium    Milenium    Millenium

Sadly or regretably?
Unfortunatley    Unfortunatly    Unfortunately

Quality which is unusually good?
Exellence    Excellence    Excellense

Pledged or bound to a certain course or policy?
Committed    Comitted    Commited

Achieve or realize?
Fullfil    Fulfil    Fulfill

Spelling Test II - more commonly misspelled words!

Another 8 difficult words to spell.

Aware of and responding to one's surroundings?
Conscious    Concious    Consious

Without doubt?
Definitly    Definately    Definitely

Actual instance when a situation arises?
Occurence    Occurrence    Occurrance

A set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers?
Questionaire    Questionnair    Questionnaire

Accomplishing a desired aim or result?
Successfull    Succesful    Successful

Having the same meaning as another word or phrase?
Synonymous    Synononmous    Synonomous

Slight knowledge of or friendship with someone?
Aquaintance    Acquaintance    Acquaintence

Causing trouble in a playful way?
Mischievious    Mischevous,    Mischievous

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