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Spices Quiz


  1. Which spice is known as "king of spices"?
  2. What spice is obtained from the inner bark of several tree species?
  3. Referred to as "red gold, what is the most valuable spice in the world?
  4. Which spice is made from dried and ground red peppers?

  5. Which popular culinary spice is also called Chinese parsley or cilantro?
  6. What spice is the dark-red outer covering of the nutmeg seed?
  7. Which spice, often used in baking and confectionery, is known for its licorice-like flavour?
  8. The "Queen of Spices" and the third most expensive in the world, which spice is made from green, black, and white pods?
  9. Vanilla is a spice derived from which plant?
  10. What spice gives curry its golden colour?
  11. Originally used by American Indians to preserve fish and meat, what spice is also known as Jamaica pepper?
  12. The Chinese have used which spice for over 5000 years as a digestive aid and anti-nausea remedy?
  13. Which spice is prepared from a plant from the cabbage family also known as the Japanese horseradish?
  14. Saffron consists of the dried stigmas of which flower?
  15. Which base ingredient in curry powder is sometimes confused with caraway?


  1. Black pepper
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Saffron
  4. Paprika
  5. Coriander
  6. Mace
  7. Anise, or aniseed
  8. Cardamom
  9. Orchids
  10. Turmeric
  11. Allspice
  12. Ginger
  13. Wasabi
  14. Crocus (saffron crocus)
  15. Cumin