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Quiz I

  1. Allianz Park is the home ground of which rugby union club side?
  2. In 2005, Sports Illustrated called the Washington Redskins rivalry with which other American football team the top NFL rivalry of all time?
  3. Which sport gained its identity in 1884 when army officer Sir Neville Chamberlain, stationed in India, devised a set of rules?
  4. The Toronto Wolfpack are currently North America's only professional team in which sport?

  5. "Maggie Thatcher, can you hear me? Maggie Thatcher ... your boys took a hell of a beating!" Which country beat England in a 1981 football World Cup qualifier for a commentator to famously say this?
  6. Which team, we need the sport and country, have a group of players called "the bomb squad"?
  7. Name the only two British golfers to reach the number one world ranking despite never winning a major?
  8. In 2018, which player left rugby to pursue a career in the NFL as a running back for the Buffalo Bills?
  9. Tennis player Simona Halep, who won Wimbledon in 2019, comes from which country?
  10. In the Summer 2008 Olympics, who became the first American woman to win a judo Olympic medal?
  11. In which British city was the 2019 Netball World Cup held? And who were the eventual winners?
  12. Which 30-year-old mother of two won four gold medals at London's 1948 Summer Olympics, earning her the nickname "the flying housewife"?
  13. Which horse won the 2019 Grand National to become the first since Red Rum to win the race back-to-back?
  14. Name the style of jump popularized by the high jump gold medal winner at the 1968 Summer Olympics?
  15. Name the English rugby union coach who is the defence coach of Wales' 2019 Grand Slam winning team?
  16. Which company, that sanctions over 1,500 races, is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida?
  17. The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be held in which British city?
  18. What did the Iffley Road running track, owned and operated by the University of Oxford, change its name to on the 10th May 2007?
  19. How many hurdles are there in the men's 110 metres hurdles athletics event?
  20. Which English football club won the first ever Football League in 1888?


  1. Saracens
  2. Dallas Cowboys
  3. Snooker
  4. Rugby League
  5. Norway
  6. South African rugby union team
  7. Lee Westwood and Luke Donald (Colin Montgomerie reached number two)
  8. Christian Wade
  9. Romania
  10. Ronda Rousey (she won a bronze)
  11. Liverpool (New Zealand beat Australia in the final, and England came third)
  12. Fanny Blankers-Koen
  13. Tiger Roll
  14. Fosbury Flop
  15. Shaun Edwards
  16. NASCAR
  17. Birmingham
  18. The Roger Bannister running track
  19. Ten
  20. Preston North End

Sport Quiz Questions II

  1. St Leo is the middle name of which well known sportsman?
  2. Murderball is the original name for which sport?
  3. Which country defeated the United States in the 2011 FIFA Women's Football World Cup Final, and were also losing finalists in 2015?
  4. In English rugby, who is the leading Premiership points scorer of all time?
  5. The glide and the spin are the two styles in current general use in which sport?
  6. The figure of Abe Mitchell sits on the top of which famous sporting trophy?
  7. Which English football club play their home matches at the New York Stadium?
  8. Providence Stadium, the host of several 2007 Cricket World Cup matches, is in which South American country?
  9. In darts, what is the lowest score that cannot be finished with two darts?
  10. Which football club competes against FC Barcelona in the Barcelona Derby?
  11. The female version of which game is known as camogie?
  12. How many players make up a beach volleyball team?
  13. Jarmila Kratochvilova has held the female world record in which athletics event since 1983?
  14. Which Bob, in 1988, was nominated as Guest of Honour at the commissioning of Royal Navy warship HMS Pursuer because of the depiction of a dog in the ship's badge?
  15. In which city was tennis legend Martina Navratilova born?
  16. Name the only member of the royal family to have played at Wimbledon?
  17. The Kumuls is the nickname of which country's rugby league team?
  18. In 1981, at the Gleneagles golf course, who set the world record for the longest successful golf putt ever televised? (Hint: It happened in a pro-celebrity tournament when Terry Wogan was partnering Fuzzy Zoeller against Trevor Brooking and Lee Trevino!)
  19. Which year's Winter Olympics featured Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards and the debut of the Jamaica national bobsleigh team?
  20. How many players are there in a baseball team?
  21. River Plate and Boca Juniors are the two leading football clubs in which city?


  1. Usain Bolt
  2. Wheelchair rugby
  3. Japan
  4. Charlie Hodgson
  5. Shot put
  6. The Ryder Cup
  7. Rotherham United
  8. Guyana
  9. 99
  10. Espanyol
  11. Hurling (in Ireland)
  12. Two
  13. 800 metres
  14. Ballyregan Bob (a British world record breaking greyhound)
  15. Prague (Czechoslovakia)
  16. George VI (1926, in the men's doubles)
  17. Papua New Guinea (a kumul is a bird-of-paradise, and the national symbol of the country)
  18. Terry Wogan (hard to believe but true!)
  19. 1988 (Calgary)
  20. Nine
  21. Buenos Aires (Argentina)