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Sports Quiz - Number 1

Quiz Questions

  1. The 2022 Commonwealth Games were originally awarded to which country which withdrew in 2017 due to financial issues?
  2. In December 2016, players from which country held 6 of the top 10 positions in the Men's PSA World Squash Rankings?
  3. In rugby league, which Welshman scored a club-record 478 tries in his 488 appearances for Wigan?
  4. His precise serve earned tennis player Pete Sampras which nickname?

  5. Which British field athlete competed at six Olympic Games?
  6. Charlene, Princess of Monaco represented which country at the 2000 Sydney Olympics? And in which sport?
  7. How many team members are there in a baseball team?
  8. In cricket, a duck is a batsman's dismissal for a score of zero, but what is the dimissal called if the batsman is out by the first ball faced?
  9. In which Manchester stadium was the first greyhound race around an oval track in Britain held on 24 July, 1926?
  10. The 'double-yellow dot' ball is the competition standard in which sport?
  11. Which of the British Classic Horse Races is held in September over the longest distance of all five classics?
  12. What was originally called murderball (its first international tournament was held in 1989 in Canada)?
  13. Which links golf course located southwest of Glasgow hosted the Open Championship in 2016?
  14. How many hurdles are there in the men's 110 metres hurdles event?
  15. The Borg-Warner Trophy is presented to the winner of which event (Hint: the event is billed as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing)?


  1. South African (Durban)
  2. Egypt
  3. Billy Boston (Played for Wigan from 1953-68)
  4. Pistol Pete
  5. Tessa Sanderson
  6. South Africa. Swimming (4 × 100 metre medley relay)
  7. Nine
  8. Golden duck
  9. Bell Vue
  10. Squash
  11. St Leger
  12. Wheelchair rugby
  13. Royal Troon
  14. 10
  15. The Indianapolis 500

Questions II

  1. In March 2016, it was announced that Randox Health are replacing Crabbie's; where?
  2. In cricket, a wicket composes of three stumps, the leg stump, middle stump, and what name is given to the third stump?
  3. Who became manager of Middlesbrough in 2006 after Steve McClaren left to manage England?
  4. In Australia, 'State of Origin' is a rugby league series between which two rival states?
  5. Which team sport played on ice, with skaters using sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team's goal, is the world's second most popular winter sport?
  6. Which American professional skateboarder has the nickname 'The Birdman'?
  7. Can you name the only Briton to win a gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi?
  8. Who fought Muhammad Ali, in 1974, in a fight which became known as 'The Rumble in the Jungle'?
  9. Which football stadium is known by its fans as Parkhead or Paradise?
  10. As of 2016, name the only major that has not been won by golfer Phil Mickelson?
  11. Which two countries, both beginning with the letter 'S', won silver medals in basketball at the 2016 Olympics?
  12. With a career high singles ranking of number three, which female tennis player was runner-up in the Wimbledon finals of 1981 and 1986?


  1. As sponsors of the Grand National at the Aintree Festival
  2. Off stump
  3. Gareth Southgate
  4. New South Wales and Queensland
  5. Bandy
  6. Tony Hawk (skateboarding will be a introduced at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo)
  7. Lizzy Yarnold
  8. George Foreman
  9. Celtic Park
  10. US Open
  11. Serbia (mens) and Spain (ladies)
  12. Hana Mandlikova

Quiz III

  1. Who once wrote an autobiography entitled Don't Tell Kath?
  2. What is darts player Phil Taylor's nickname?
  3. In the 1964 Summer Olympics, who became the first British female to win an Olympic gold medal in track and field? And where were the 1964 Summer Olympics held?
  4. How many players are there in a netball team?
  5. Who made 629 appearances for Leeds United between 1952–1973, scoring 70 goals?
  6. What has the nickname the 'big loop'?
  7. Which sportsman has the middle name 'Barron', which translates from Old English as 'young warrior'?
  8. Will Carling once described the England Rugby Football Union as '57 old ....' what?
  9. Which retired sports commentator created the slogan 'Opal Fruits - made to make your mouth water!'?
  10. In which sport do you have penthouses and a buttress?
  11. American Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played 20 seasons in which sport?
  12. What's the nickname of the Australian national rugby league team?


  1. Ian Botham
  2. The Power

  3. Mary Rand. Tokyo.
  4. Seven
  5. Jack Charlton
  6. The Tour de France
  7. Andy Murray
  8. Farts
  9. Murray Walker
  10. Real Tennis
  11. Basketball
  12. The kangaroos

Sport Factoid:

At the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Mary Rand, on a wet runway with a strong headwind broke the world long jump record, to win gold. At the same games she also won silver medal in the pentathlon, with 5035 points (which put her second in the all-time rankings) and a bronze in the 4x100 metres relay. Fellow gold medalist Ann Packer, who won an 800 metres gold a few days later said: 'Mary was the most gifted athlete I ever saw. She was as good as athletes get, there has never been anything like her since. And I don't believe there ever will.'
Mary Rand was the first GB female to win an Olympic gold medal in track and field. And remains the only GB female athlete to win three medals in a single Olympic Games.

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