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Sport Quiz - Number 8

Sport Quiz Questions I

  1. Who was ranked UK's number one men's tennis player from 1989 to 1994?
  2. True or False. As of 2017, Tiger Wood is over forty?
  3. Which two football clubs did Brian Clough play for?
  4. An American football team has how many players on the field at any one time?
  5. In which sport are France known as Les Chanticleers and Ireland the Wolfhounds?
  6. By what one word name do we best know the West Sussex equestrian sport centre principally known for its showjumping activities?
  7. Which Premier League stadium was fully demolished after the end of the 2016–17 football season?

  8. Name the only athlete to win two Olympic titles in the Triathlon? (both first and last name needed!)
  9. The trophy for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award is a plinth featuring which silver-plated object?
  10. Which British driver won the 2009 Formula One World Championship, driving for Brawn GP?
  11. What is the highest break POSSIBLE in snooker?
  12. Can you remember the name of the small ski resort town in Norway that hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics?
  13. Is a badminton net at its centre: 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, or 7 feet high?
  14. English professional rugby union team Wasps play their home games in which English city?
  15. In January 2016, FIFA's quality programme website listed 78 football stadiums with licensed GLT installations - what does the acronym GLT stand for?
  16. Elise Christie is a ten times European gold medalist in which sport?


  1. Jeremy Bates
  2. True (he was 42 on December 30, 2017)
  3. Middlesbrough and Sunderland
  4. 11
  5. Rugby League
  6. Hickstead
  7. White Hart Lane
  8. Alistair Brownlee (his brother, Jonathan Brownlee, came second in the 2016 Olympics and third in the 2012 Olympics)
  9. Television camera (a four-turret lens camera)
  10. Jenson Button
  11. 155 (Not 147! - 155 is possible if a foul stroke is committed which gives a free ball at the start of the break)
  12. Lillehammer
  13. 5 feet high
  14. Coventry
  15. Goal Line Technology
  16. Speed-skating (a shirt track specialist)

Sport Quiz Questions II

  1. In a game of bowls, how many bowls does each player have per end in a game of singles?
  2. Which drink is famously associated with the Indianapolis 500? (100,000 commemorative bottles of this drink were given to spectators to toast the winner of the 2016 race)
  3. Which common boxing term is given to the normal stance taken by a left-handed boxer?
  4. Which London venue is host to the 2018 PDC World Darts Championship? And what does the acronym PDC stand for?
  5. Who was the first British male athlete to run under 20 seconds for the 200 metres, and as of 2017, still holds the UK record for the event?
  6. Scuderia Toro Rosso is an Italian Formula One racing team owned by which Austrian beverage company?
  7. In football, what word is credited to a player for passing or crossing the ball to the scorer?
  8. Which of the Williams sisters in tennis is the oldest, Venus or Serena?
  9. Which well known sports' quotation is attributed to American football coach 'Red' Sanders but often wrongly attributed to Vince Lombardi?
  10. Gary Neville was appointed head coach of which Spanish football club in December 2015?
  11. Which British Olympic Champion has the middle name Wipper and was coached by his wife Margot?
  12. In which sport at elite level are there postions called setters, liberos, middle blockers, outside hitters and opposite hitters?
  13. The 2017 UEFA Champions League Final was held in which city? And which team lost to Real Madrid in the final?
  14. Name the world famous natural ice skeleton toboggan track in St. Moritz, Switzerland?
  15. In which sport did Britain's Liam Tancock excel?


  1. Four
  2. Milk
  3. Southpaw
  4. Alexandra Palace. Professional Darts Corporation.
  5. John Regis
  6. Red Bull
  7. An assist
  8. Venus (15 months older than Serena).
  9. Winning isn't everyting; it's the only thing.
  10. Valencia
  11. Allan Wells
  12. Volleyball
  13. Cardiff. Juventus (lost to Real Madrid)
  14. The Cresta Run
  15. Backstroke Swimming (as of 2017, he still holds the world record in the 50-metre backstroke)