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Famous Sport Semi Finals


  1. Who did England beat in the FIFA World Cup semi-final in 1966?
  2. On his way to winning the 1982 World Snooker Championship, who did Alex Higgins beat in his semi final match?
  3. Who was famously shown a red card in the first half of the 2011 Rugby World Cup semi-final against France?
  4. How many singles Wimbledon semi-finals did Tim Henman reach?
  5. Which African country was the first to reach a semi-final at a FIFA Football World Cup?

  6. Who shed tears after his 98th-minute yellow card in England's famous semi-final defeat to West Germany in 1990?
  7. Who knocked England out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup after extra-time?
  8. At the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, who tore his hamstring but managed to complete his semi-final race limping with assistance from his father?
  9. Who did Virginia Wade beat in her semi-final on the way to winning Wimbledon in 1977?
  10. The whole of which northern city descended for a semi-final at Wembley in 1993?
  11. About one billion TV viewers watched a semi-final 'derby' between which two countries on 30 March 2011?
  12. Which female tennis player became the youngest Wimbledon semi-finalist for 99 years in 1986?
  13. Which Scottish club reached the semi-finals of the 1963 European Cup where they lost to A.C. Milan?
  14. Whose last match at the highest level of professional darts was in the semi-finals of the 1997 WDC World Darts Championship where he lost to Phil Taylor?
  15. The president of which European side bribed the referee ahead of their 1984 UEFA Cup semi-final victory over Nottingham Forest?
  16. Which four teams met in the Qatar 2022 semi-finals?
  17. How many goals did Germany score against Brazil in the FIFA World Cup semi-final which took place in July 2014 in Belo Horizonte?
  18. In England’s historic semi-final win over Denmark in the Euros in 2021, who was accused of exaggerating the contact which won England a penalty?
  19. In 2022, who became the first British men’s semi-finalist at Wimbledon since Andy Murray?
  20. As of 2023, who is the oldest ever player to score in the Champions League semi-finals?


  1. Portugal
  2. Jimmy White
  3. Sam Warburton
  4. Four
  5. Morocco (in 2020)
  6. Paul Gascoigne
  7. Croatia
  8. Derek Redmond
  9. Chris Evert
  10. Sheffield (Sheffield United lost to Sheffield Wednesday)
  11. Pakistan and India (semi-final of the Cricket World Cup)
  12. Gabriella Sabatini
  13. Dundee
  14. Eric Bristow
  15. Anderlecht
  16. Argentina, Croatia, France and Morocco
  17. Seven (Brazil 1 - 7 Germany)
  18. Raheem Sterling
  19. Cameron Norrie
  20. Ryan Giggs (37 years 148 days)