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Moments in Sport

Quiz Questions: Classic sport

  1. Mike Tyson was regarded as unbeatable but who beat Tyson for the first time in his career in February, 1990?
  2. Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters Tournament how many years after his last major win?
  3. In 1981 which horse won the Epsom Derby by ten lengths — the longest winning margin in the race's history?
  4. Japan's 34-32 victory over South Africa at the 2015 Rugby World Cup was perhaps the biggest rugby shock ever - which English city hosted the match?
  5. In 1976, Nadia Comaneci became the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 at the Montreal Olympic Games - how old was she?
  6. In 2012, which team were Manchester City playing when they scored two injury-time goals in the last game of the season to pip rivals Manchester United to the title?

  7. Which golfer became the first British winner of the US Masters in 2016, since Nick Faldo twenty years earlier?
  8. In which year did Andy Murray win his first Wimbledon and who did he beat in the final?
  9. Who said many years after the event: "The reason I fell, some people think she tripped me deliberately. I happen to know that wasn’t the case at all. The reason I fell is because I am and was very inexperienced in running in a pack"?
  10. Which horse inexplicably jumped into the air and landed on his stomach just 40 yards from the winning post and five lengths ahead, in the 1956 Grand National?
  11. Bradley Wiggins became the first Briton to win the Tour de France in which year?
  12. In March 2012, who defeated Miesha Tate with an armbar to win her first title?
  13. Who won gold at the Rio Olympics in the 100 metres breaststroke, becoming the first male British swimmer to win an Olympic gold since Adrian Moorhouse 28 years earlier?
  14. In the very first London Marathon in 1981, who won the race: American Dick Beardsley or Norwegian Inge Simonsen?
  15. Football; which country knocked England out of Euro 2016?
  16. Name the wicketkeeper who completed the run out of Martin Guptill on the last ball of England's 2019 Cricket World Cup win?
  17. In the 2012 London Olympics who took gold for Team GB in the men's long jump?
  18. In 2015, Andy Murray beat David Goffin in straight sets for Great Britain’s first Davis Cup win in 79 years - which country did Great Britain beat?
  19. In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics which athlete's father came onto the track to help his son finish the race after he suffered a torn hamstring?
  20. For Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal in the 1986 World Cup which England and Aston Villa player set up the goal with an unfortunate high kick and also got to keep Maradona's No. 10 shirt?
  21. Who won that match at 12.23 a.m. on 29 April 1985?
  22. Which golfer's greatest wins are his "zero to hero" victory in the 1991 PGA Championship, and his playoff victory in the 1995 Open Championship?
  23. In 1994, Tonya Harding became embroiled in controversy when her ex-husband orchestrated an attack on which fellow American skating rival?
  24. Johnny Wilkinson dropped the goal that won the 2003 Rugby World Cup but in that final which two English players wore grippy gloves?
  25. In 2006, Team GB won gold by beating world champions Holland on penalties with goalkeeper Maddie Hinch the hero - in which sport?
  26. It was the most unlikely story in British sport when Leicester City won the league in 2016 but by how many points did they finish clear of second place Arsenal: (a) 3 points, (b) 5 points, or (c) 10 points?
  27. In 2011, the Boston Bruins won what cup for the first time in 40 years?


  1. Buster Douglas (extra fact: the fight was in Tokyo)
  2. 11 years (his previous win was the 2008 U.S. Open)
  3. Shergar
  4. Brighton
  5. 14
  6. QPR
  7. Danny Willett
  8. 2013. Novak Djokovic
  9. Mary Decker or Mary Decker Slaney
  10. Devon Loch (extra facts: the queen mother owned the horse and Dick Francis was the jockey)
  11. 2012
  12. Ronda Rousey
  13. Adam Peaty
  14. Both, it was a dead heat - they intentionally crossed the finish line holding hands
  15. Iceland
  16. Jos Buttler
  17. Greg Rutherford
  18. Belgium
  19. Derek Redmond
  20. Steve Hodge
  21. Dennis Taylor (1985 World Snooker Championship)
  22. John Daley
  23. Nancy Kerrigan
  24. Matt Dawson and Steve Thompson

  25. Women's Hockey
  26. (c) 10 points?
  27. Stanley Cup (ice hockey)