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Biggest Shocks in Sport


  1. In the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Japan defeated former world cup winners South Africa in an amazing match hosted in which English city?
  2. Who was Sid Waddel talking about in 1983 when he said: "He's not just an underdog, he's an underpuppy"?
  3. Inside which football ground did Eric Cantona kung fu kick supporter Matthew Simmons in January 1995?
  4. Originally the tournament's ninth reserve, who won the 1991 US PGA title at Crooked Stick, Indianapolis?
  5. In which city did Buster Douglas inflict Mike Tyson's first ever defeat in 1990?

  6. How many runs did Don Bradman score in his final Test innings when he needed just four runs to retire with an average of more than 100?
  7. Which 100-1 racehorse won the Grand National with a shock 12-length victory in 2009?
  8. When Leicester City won the 2016 Premier League title who was their top scorer?
  9. Who did Boris Becker beat in the Wimbledon final to win the event in 1985 aged just 17?
  10. Which country unexpectedly won the 2004 UEFA European Football Championship?
  11. In the opening match of the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 international cricket tournament which country defeated England?
  12. Who, in only his eighth professional fight, won the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world in 1978 after defeating Muhammad Ali?
  13. Who was stripped of his gold medal in the 100 metres 1988 Summer Olympics after being disqualified for doping?
  14. In 1983, what did Australia II win?
  15. Mike Tyson bit off part of whose ear in 1997?
  16. Which team did Nottingham Forest knock out in the first round of the 1979 European Cup?
  17. Who shot to fame in 1982 when he defeated defending champion Steve Davis 10–1 in the first round of the World Snooker Championship?
  18. During the 2009 Heineken Cup Quarter Final, Harlequins wing Tom Williams faked a blood injury in what became known as "Bloodgate" - which director of rugby got a 3-year ban?
  19. Which team beat Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup final?
  20. In 2015, which heavy favourite did Holly Holm defeat in UFC 193? (UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  21. Which country beat England 1-0 with a team of part-timers at the 1950 Football World Cup in Brazil?
  22. Name the female figure skater and gold medal favourite who was attacked and injured by an unidentified man just before the 1994 Olympics?


  1. Brighton
  2. Keith Deller (won the Embassy World Professional Darts Championship in 1983)
  3. Selhurst Park (Crystal Palace)
  4. John Daly
  5. Tokyo (Japan)
  6. Zero (out for a duck)
  7. Mon Mome
  8. Jamie Vardy
  9. Kevin Curren
  10. Greece
  11. Netherlands
  12. Leon Spinks
  13. Ben Johnson
  14. The America's Cup (first time the New York Yacht Club had lost the cup in 132 years)
  15. Evander Holyfield

  16. Liverpool
  17. Tony Knowles
  18. Dean Richards
  19. Wimbledon
  20. Ronda Rousey
  21. USA
  22. Nancy Kerigan