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Sport Terms

Quiz - match the sporting term to the sport

  1. What well known term is given to a kick, throw, or push of the ball between an opponent's legs?
  2. 'Catch a crab' is a sporting term in which sport?
  3. Slam dunk?
  4. Egg position, and schussing?
  5. Niblick, and nobble?
  6. Bonspiel, biter and kiggle kaggle?
  7. Which rugby term was also a term sometimes used in Victorian England to describe people who scavenged in drains for a living?

  8. Googly?
  9. What term is used for a period of play in polo, which is 7 minutes long?
  10. Riposte, and plastron?
  11. Penhold grip?
  12. Rudolph, fluffus and randolph?
  13. Scrimmage?
  14. Eskimo roll?
  15. Pepper is a term used for a very popular warm-up drill, generally involving two players, in which sport?
  16. Hand-in, hand-out, and interference?
  17. In which American sport would you see a "curveball"?
  18. Fosbury flop?
  19. Mulligan?
  20. The bullpen is a warm-up area in which sport?
  21. Peloton?
  22. Wing attack, under-arm pass, and transverse lines?
  23. Orthodox, and southpaw?
  24. Chagi, and chigi?


  1. A nutmeg
  2. Rowing
  3. Basketball
  4. Skiing
  5. Golf (Note: A niblick is an old-fashioned Scottish term for nine iron)
  6. Curling
  7. Grubber (as in grubber kick)
  8. Cricket
  9. Chukka
  10. Fencing
  11. Table tennis
  12. Trampolining
  13. American football
  14. Canoeing

  15. Volleyball
  16. Squash
  17. Baseball
  18. High jump
  19. Golf (in informal golf term for an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot)
  20. Baseball
  21. Cycling
  22. Netball
  23. Boxing
  24. Taekwondo