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Sports Commentators

Test your knowledge about commentators of sport

  1. Which rugby union commentator was known as 'the voice of rugby'?
  2. "They think it's all over" is a quote from which commentator in the closing moments of the 1966 FIFA World Cup?
  3. Which announcer covered six FIFA World Cups from 1962 to 1982 and eleven Summer Olympic Games from 1960 to 2000?
  4. John Motson is renowned for regularly wearing what type of coat?

  5. Which cricket broadcaster is nicknamed "Aggers"?
  6. Which former advertising agency worker created the slogan: "Opal Fruits, made to make your mouth water"?
  7. Who commentated: "The Gullikson twins here. An interesting pair, both from Wisconsin"?
  8. Who started his TV career at Eurosport commentating live on the World Cup Ski Circuit for two years after retiring as a professional ski racer in 1998?
  9. Who was the main TV commentator in snooker's greatest final, the one between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor in the 1985 World Snooker Championship?
  10. In the final moments of the 2011-12 season, Manchester City clinched the Premier League title with an injury-time goal which was accompanied by some equally iconic commentary from which commentator? His shout of "Aguerooooo!" was an iconic moment in sport.
  11. Which sports commentator had a well known rapport with former World Heavyweight Champion Frank Bruno?
  12. Who was the BBC's leading horse racing commentator from 1947 to 1997?
  13. A regular on Sky Sports and BBC Sport, who is the first ever former female player to commentate on men’s international rugby?
  14. "The batsman's Holding, the bowler's Willey" is a classic quote from which commentator?
  15. Who received "intense criticism" while presenting the BBC's coverage of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics after clashing with his co-host, rower Steve Redgrave?
  16. Who was the host of the BBC's Match of the Day from 1973 to 1988?
  17. Whose quotes included: "It's the greatest comeback since Lazarus" and "Even Hypotenuse would have trouble working out these angles!"?
  18. Following the death of Henry Longhurst in 1978, who became regarded as the "Voice of golf"?
  19. Who commentated on the 1973 Barbarians rugby match against the All Blacks at Cardiff which included "that try"?
  20. Which former international footballer and lead football pundit for Sky Sports was dismissed in January 2011, following allegations of sexism?
  21. The football video game FIFA 2022 features a female voice for the first time. Whose voice?
  22. Who regularly commentated alongside Eddie Butler on the BBC's rugby union coverage?
  23. Which commentator at the 1968 Summer Olympic Games was also the first host of the BBC1 children's sports programme We Are the Champions, a show he presented from 1973 until his death?
  24. Who was the 'Voice of the Boat Race' between 1993 and 2004 and has covered more Summer Olympics than any other British sports broadcaster?
  25. Who became the main live commentator for the BBC's coverage of England games at the 2010 World Cup following the retirement of John Motson?
  26. The youngest ever US Open female singles champion usually participates in the BBC's Wimbledon coverage. Who is she?
  27. What's the rather European sounding name of former rugby league commentator Ray?
  28. In July 2020, ITV announced that who would be replacing Clive Tyldesley as lead football commentator?


  1. Bill McLaren (William Pollock McLaren)
  2. Kenneth Wolstenholme
  3. David Coleman
  4. A sheepskin coat
  5. Jonathan Agnew
  6. Murray Walker
  7. Dan Maskell
  8. Graham Bell
  9. Ted Lowe
  10. Martin Tyler
  11. Harry Carpenter
  12. Peter O'Sullevan
  13. Maggie Alphonsie
  14. Brian Johnston
  15. John Inverdale
  16. Jimmy Hill
  17. Sid Waddell (nicknamed the 'Voice of Darts')
  18. Peter Alliss
  19. Cliff Morgan
  20. Andy Gray
  21. Alex Scott
  22. Brian Moore

  23. Ron Pickering
  24. Barry Davies
  25. Guy Mowbray
  26. Tracy Austin
  27. Ray French
  28. Sam Matterface