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St Ives, Cornwall

Quiz Questions

  1. Which art gallery was built in St Ives between 1988 and 1993 on the site of an old gasworks?
  2. The St Ives Bay Line is a 4.25 miles railway line that runs from which Cornish town to St Ives?
  3. Which fish was once commercially important to the area but started to die out in the late 1800s when shoals stopped coming inshore?
  4. A famous museum and sculpture garden in St Ives, preserves the work of which 20th-century sculptor?

  5. Which beach on the northern side of St Ives measures approximately half a mile wide?
  6. What's the title of the traditional nursery rhyme associated with St Ives, dating back to the 18th century?
  7. Whose 1927 novel To the Lighthouse was influenced by her childhood summers in St Ives?
  8. Which artist toured Devon and Cornwall in 1811, painting the picture "St Ives from the Island"?
  9. What did John Smeaton build between 1767 and 1770?
  10. Which seaside resort overlooking a small bay of the same name, lies just southeast of St Ives?
  11. Trenwith produced over 13,000 tons of which metal ore between the 1820s and the 1850s?
  12. Which artistic field was Bernard Leach most associated with?
  13. Can you name the granite monument overlooking the town constructed by former mayor John Knill?
  14. Name the Secretary of State for Defence during the Falklands War who served as MP for St Ives from 1966 to 1983?


  1. The Tate St Ives
  2. St Erth
  3. Pilchards/li>
  4. Barbara Hepworth
  5. Porthmeor
  6. As I was going to St Ives
  7. Virginia Woolf
  8. Joseph Mallord William Turner
  9. A pier (Smeaton's Pier)
  10. Carbis Bay
  11. Copper ore
  12. Pottery (regarded as the "Father of British studio pottery" he worked and lived in St Ives)
  13. The Knill Steeple
  14. John Nott