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Welcome to our Statues Quiz


  1. The Kelpies are two 30 metre high head-sculptures located at the Forth and Clyde Canal in Scotland - they are sculptures of what?
  2. How many bronze Sir Edwin Landseer lions guard Nelson's Column?
  3. Verity, a 20-metre tall stainless steel and bronze statue created by Damien Hirst in 2012, stands on the pier of which Devon town?
  4. On 7 June 2020, a statue of which English merchant was pulled down by demonstrators and pushed into Bristol harbour?
  5. The bronze sculpture created by Ivor Roberts-Jones of Sir Winston Churchill is in which London square?

  6. The Little Mermaid is a famous statue by Edvard Eriksen in which European capital city?
  7. Christ the Redeemer is an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro; which mountain peak does it sit on: (a) Corcovado, (b) Ampato, or (c) Sugar Loaf?
  8. A statue by Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing of which suffragist leader was unveiled in London, in 2018?
  9. The Maiwand Lion is a sculpture and war memorial in the Forbury Gardens, a public park in which English town?
  10. The Statue of Liberty in New York was designed by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi - but who built its metal framework?
  11. Who designed The Angel of the North?
  12. Moai, which are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people, can be found on which island?
  13. Which statue at the Louvre Museum in Paris is named after Aphrodite's Roman name and the Greek island where it was discovered?
  14. What is the name given to the figures placed on a Merseyside beach by sculptor Antony Gormley?
  15. The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, a fountain surmounted by a winged statue of Anteros, is better known by what name?
  16. Who created a marble statue of the Biblical figure David, between 1501 and 1504, which can now be seen in Florence, Italy?
  17. What was carved from Craigleith sandstone by sculptor Edward Hodges Baily?
  18. The equestrian statue of "The Fine Lady" can be found in which Oxfordshire town?
  19. A 2008 statue of Robert Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting, can be found on the seafront of which large coastal town?
  20. A life-size bronze cast of which sitcom character has been seated on a bench by the Old Anchor Hotel in Thetford, since 2010?
  21. A two-metre tall bronze statue was unveiled in November 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary of whose visit to Newcastle University to accept an honorary degree?
  22. A bronze statue featuring football legends Brian Clough and Peter Taylor was unveiled in 2010 in which city?


  1. Horses (two horses)
  2. Four
  3. Ilfracombe
  4. Edward Colston
  5. Parliament Square
  6. Copenhagen
  7. (a) Corcovado
  8. Millicent Fawcett
  9. Reading
  10. Gustave Eiffel
  11. Antony Gormley
  12. Easter Island
  13. The Venus de Milo
  14. Another Place
  15. Eros
  16. Michelangelo
  17. Lord Nelson (on top of Nelson's Column)
  18. Banbury
  19. Poole, Dorset
  20. Captain Mainwaring

  21. Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
  22. Derby