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Strange Laws

Test your knowledge of weird, peculiar and unusual laws

  1. Declared a royal fish by a 1324 law, which fish needs to be offered to the reigning monarch if they are found beached?
  2. In 1992, what common product was banned in Singapore?
  3. Ice cream vans in the UK are allowed to play their chimes up until what time?

  4. What are MPs forbidden from wearing in parliament?
  5. Until 1960, it was actually illegal not to carry out at least two hours a day practice of what?
  6. The Long Parliament banned Christmas, which king lifted this ban in 1660?
  7. In 2008, which European city banned the feeding of pigeons with 500 euro fines for any transgressors?
  8. What tax was introduced in England in 1696 designed to impose a tax relative to the prosperity of the taxpayer?
  9. Under the Coinage Act 1971, one and two pence coins are legal tender to pay for something up to what amount?
  10. In Imperial Rome it was illegal to wear which colour?
  11. True or false. It is illegal to put a UK postage stamp upside down on a letter?
  12. It's illegal to give a pig what name in France?


  1. Sturgeons
  2. Chewing gum
  3. 7pm
  4. Armour
  5. Longbow practice (according to the Unlawful Games Act 1541)
  6. Charles II
  7. Venice
  8. Window tax
  9. 20 pence
  10. Purple (only the Emperor was allowed to wear purple)
  11. False. It is not illegal.
  12. Napolean