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Summer Holidays Fun


  1. Which word means a holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad?
  2. The beautiful Dalmatian Coast is in which country?
  3. What does the SPF on sunscreen stand for?
  4. A beauty contest parody, what sort of contest at Butlin's Skegness was once judged by Laurel and Hardy in June 1947?

  5. The date varies but when exactly is Summer bank holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?
  6. Which station in London does Eurostar leave from?
  7. Which city in Florida is nicknamed "The Theme Park Capital of the World"?
  8. Which Somerset seaside resort has been given the title of "Sand Sculpting Capital" of the UK?
  9. The Summer of Love was a social phenomenon when hippies converged on which city's Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood? And, in which year was the Summer of Love?
  10. "Summer of '69" is a song recorded by the which singer for his album, Reckless?
  11. First created in France in 1985, which certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education is given to a beach that meets its standards?
  12. The holiday resort of Marmaris is in what country
  13. True or false? Bobby Davro, Shane Richie, Bradley Walsh, and Lee Mack have all been Redcoats?
  14. What name or word was filed in July 28, 1958, as a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company?
  15. Where did a dry summer in 2013 reveal patches of parched grass which may correspond to the location of missing sarsens?
  16. Historically the period following the rising of the Sirius star system, what term is used to describe the hot, sultry days of summer?
  17. Cancun is a popular tourist destination in which country?
  18. Born in London in 1875, the name Donald McGill is associated with what, particularly at the seaside?
  19. Which 18-mile long shingle beach stretches from West Bay to Portland in Dorset?
  20. Which ice lolly that came in a triangular, 3D carton, inspired an 'Only Fools and Horses' iconic phrase?
  21. Which of the Balearic Islands is best known for its summer nightlife and electronic dance music club scene?
  22. Often packed into a summer holiday suitcase, the Australian's call them 'thongs', what do the British call them?
  23. Which American-Italian brand of luxury sunglasses was created in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb?
  24. Which international airport do you land at for a holiday in the Algarve?
  25. Where did Cliff Richard perform his hit "Summer Holiday" at a spontaneous gig in 1996?


  1. Staycation
  2. Croatia
  3. Sun protection factor
  4. Knobbliest knees contest
  5. The last Monday of August
  6. St Pancras Station
  7. Orlando
  8. Weston-super-Mare
  9. San Francisco's. 1967.
  10. Bryan Adams
  11. Blue Flag
  12. Turkey
  13. False. (They were Bluecoats - they all once worked for Pontins and not Butlins.)
  14. Frisbee
  15. Stonehenge
  16. Dog days, or dog days of summer
  17. Mexico
  18. Humorous seaside postcards
  19. Chesil Beach
  20. Jubbly
  21. Ibiza
  22. Flip flops
  23. Ray-Ban
  24. Faro
  25. The Wimbledon Championships