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Switzerland Quiz

30 Swiss Questions

  1. Which Swiss luxury watch brand, founded by Louis Brandt in 1848, were worn on the moon during the Apollo missions?
  2. Which organisation was founded in 1863 in Geneva, where its headquarters still remain today?
  3. Name the largest city in Switzerland?
  4. What is the name given to an administrative division in Switzerland?
  5. Switzerland has 7000 lakes, which one is the biggest?

  6. Which valley in west central Switzerland, is known as the origin of a famous yellow, medium-hard cheese distinguished by large holes?
  7. Which mountain, with a large, near-symmetric pyramidal peak, overlooks the Swiss town of Zermatt?
  8. Located on Switzerland's border, name the research organisation that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world?
  9. There are four national languages in Switzerland, but most Swiss are native speakers of which language?
  10. A famous music festival is held annually in early July in which town?
  11. Which ski resort has been a winter destination for the British Royal Family for over three decades?
  12. Which story by Swiss author Johanna Spyri is about the life of a 5-year-old girl in her grandfather's care in the Swiss Alps?
  13. Who acquired Swiss citizenship in February 1901 and secured a job in Bern at the Swiss Patent Office?
  14. Which famous mountain pass is located near the western end of the Valais Alps?
  15. A pioneer of what is now regarded as modern architecture, by what name was Charles-Edouard Jeanneret better known?
  16. Which Grand Slam has Roger Federer only won once?
  17. Which city is ferred to by the Swiss as their "federal city"?
  18. What is the name of the highest summit of Switzerland?
  19. There's a 3-metre bronze statue of which musician in the town this musician chose as his last home - name the musician?
  20. Which folk hero of Switzerland, according to legend was an expert marksman with the crossbow?
  21. Victorinox is the brand that most people associate with what?
  22. The border between which country and Switzerland measures only 25 miles?
  23. The border between Switzerland and which country stretches for 460 miles, making it Switzerland's longest international border?
  24. Which luxury alpine resort town in Switzerland’s Engadin valley has hosted the Winter Olympics twice?
  25. Which lake, with the literal translation the "Lake of the Four Forested Settlements", has an irregular shape that makes it appear to sit within four different valleys?
  26. Which mountain in the Bernese Alps has a chilling reputation due to the number of climbers who have died attempting to climb it?
  27. Which high mountain pass runs between the Pennine Alps and the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland?
  28. The origin of which name associated with one of Switzerland's most recognisable football clubs is unknown, although it's commonly thought it refers to early players' energetic celebrations and style of play?
  29. Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate brand produced in Bern - which symbol of the city, is depicted on Toblerone's logo?
  30. Swiss soldiers served as guards at foreign European courts since the 15th century - today, who is protected by the Swiss Guard?


  1. Omega
  2. The International Committee of the Red Cross, or simply Red Cross
  3. Zurich
  4. Canton (there are 26 cantons in Switzerland, the biggest being Graubunden)
  5. Lake Geneva
  6. Emmental (Gruyere is another well-known cheese, which in Switzerland is a solid cheese with no holes)
  7. Matterhorn
  8. CERN
  9. German (the languages are French, German, Italian, and Romansh)
  10. Montreux (The Montreux Jazz Festival)
  11. Klosters
  12. Heidi
  13. Albert Einstein
  14. The Great St Bernard Pass
  15. Le Corbusier
  16. French Open
  17. Bern (the capital city)
  18. Monte Rosa
  19. Freddie Mercury (it stands on the market square of Montreux, overlooking Lake Geneva)
  20. William Tell
  21. Swiss Army Knives
  22. Liechtenstein
  23. Italy
  24. St. Moritz (which is also famous for the Cresta Run, a world-championship bobsled run made of natural ice)
  25. Lake Lucerne
  26. Eiger
  27. The Simplon Pass
  28. Grasshopper's (Grasshopper Club Zurich)
  29. Bear
  30. The Pope

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