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Taiwan Quiz and Answers


  1. Which former name for Taiwan remained in common usage among English speakers into the 20th century?
  2. Name the capital of Taiwan?
  3. What is the most spoken language in the country?
  4. Taiwan is approximate in area to which European country: (a) Cyprus, (b) Germany, or (c) Switzerland?

  5. Which strait separates Taiwan from the Chinese mainland?
  6. Taiwan lies roughly how many miles off the coast of China: (a) 20 miles, (b) 40 miles, or (c) 100 miles?
  7. Which film director was born in Pingtung County in southern Taiwan in 1954?
  8. What is th population of Taiwan: (a) 24 million, (b) 48 million, or (c) 72 million?
  9. What is Taipei 101?
  10. The national flag of Taiwan has a white what in the top corner of the hoist side of the flag?
  11. In which year was the People’s Republic of China established in Taiwan after defeat on the Chinese mainland?
  12. Founded in 1987 by Morris Chang, TSMC is a leading Taiwanese company in the manufacture of what?


  1. Formosa
  2. Taipei, officially Taipei City
  3. Mandarin Chinese
  4. (c) Switzerland
  5. Taiwan Strait
  6. (c) 100 miles
  7. Ang Lee
  8. (a) 24 million
  9. A skyscraper - officially the world's tallest building from its opening in 2004 until 2009
  10. A white sun
  11. 1949
  12. Semiconductors (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited)