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The Beano


  1. The Beano was first published in which decade?
  2. What's the name of Dennis the Menace's dog?
  3. Name the third longest running Beano character behind Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger, whose real name is Hermione Makepeace?
  4. Who is the boy who can run extraordinarily fast?

  5. How do we better know the children of Class 2B?
  6. By what name do we better know the Eton schoolboy named Marmaduke?
  7. In which city is the BEANO comic published?
  8. Who did Dennis the Menace replace on the front cover as mascot of The Beano?
  9. Can you name Dennis the Menace's pet pig?
  10. Which character wears a red-and-black checkered sweater over a white, collared shirt?
  11. What's the last name of the comic strip character Pansy?
  12. Which four-year-old girl annoys her parents with her misbehaviour?


  1. 1930s (1938)
  2. Gnasher
  3. Minnie the Minx
  4. Billy Whizz
  5. The Bash Street Kids
  6. Lord Snooty
  7. Dundee
  8. Biffo the Bear
  9. Rasher
  10. Roger the Dodge
  11. Pansy Potter
  12. Ivy the Terrible