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The Coronation


  1. Westminster Abbey has been the setting for every coronation since which year?
  2. The codename for the 2023 ceremony is "Operation Golden" what?
  3. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was in which year?
  4. The coronation chair was commissioned in 1296 by which king?
  5. The coronation chair was designed to enclose which historical artefact?

  6. According to the soap's backstory, television's fictional Coronation Street was built in 1902 and named after the coronation of which king?
  7. Which queen was the first to have been crowned in Westminster Abbey in her own right in 1533?
  8. The coronation of Charles III and his wife Camilla will take place in May 2023 on which day of the week?
  9. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on which day of the week?
  10. Which crown will King Charles III have placed on his head by the Archbishop before it is replaced at the end of the ceremony for the Imperial State Crown?
  11. Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume created which new food dish for the coronation banquet of Queen Elizabeth II?
  12. Who had to leave the coronation of Charles II as he needed to use a lavatory after arriving at Westminster Abbey at 4am?
  13. Many journalists were at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, which female journalist covered the event for the Washington Times-Herald? (Hint: she met the Queen in June 1961 at Buckingham Palace)
  14. On whose orders were most of England’s ancient regalia destroyed in 1649?
  15. What was the name of the Archbishop of Canterbury who crowned Queen Elizabeth II in 1953?
  16. On the morning of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation news of which event was dubbed by the press as 'a Coronation gift for the new Queen'?
  17. The coronation of which king on 3rd September 1189 is the first for which a descriptive and detailed account exists?
  18. Which queen was unable to walk as she was suffering from gout and had to be carried into the Abbey for her coronation by Yeomen of the Guard?
  19. Two monarchs did not have any coronation. One was the boy king Edward V, can you name the other?
  20. Which monarch had to be persuaded to have a coronation and spent so little money on it that it became known as 'the penny coronation'?
  21. Worn by British Monarchs during part of the Coronation service, what is the colobium sindonis?


  1. 1066
  2. Operation Golden Orb
  3. 1953 (2 June 1953)
  4. King Edward I
  5. Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny (referred to in England as The Coronation Stone)
  6. King Edward VII
  7. Queen Mary I
  8. Saturday
  9. Tuesday
  10. St Edward’s Crown
  11. Coronation chicken
  12. Samuel Pepys (as recorded in Samuel Pepys Diary)
  13. Jacqueline Bouvier (later known as Jackie Kennedy/Jackie Onassis)
  14. Oliver Cromwell
  15. Geoffrey Fisher
  16. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reaching the summit of Everest
  17. Richard I
  18. Queen Anne
  19. Edward VIII
  20. William IV
  21. A simple sleeveless white linen tunic or shroud