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The Great British Quiz

50 Questions and Answers

  1. Can you name the enthusiastic dog breeder who served as vicar of Swimbridge, Devon, from 1832 to 1872?
    ANSWER: Jack Russell
  2. Jane Austen is associated with which English county?
    ANSWER: Hampshire
  3. Who lives in Flat 2, 12 Arbour Road, Highbury, London, but his first name is unknown?
    ANSWER: Mr Bean
  4. Prior to Andy Murray in 2013, who was the last British player to win the men's Wimbledon championship?
    ANSWER: Fred Perry (1936)

  5. Can you name the most iconic stage at the Glastonbury Festival?
    ANSWER: Pyramid Stage
  6. Name the British actress known for her role as Bellatrix Lestrange in the "Harry Potter" film series?
    ANSWER: Helena Bonham Carter
  7. The Braemar Gathering is familiarly known as what?
    ANSWER: The Games, or Highland Games
  8. What is the name of the British archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun?
    ANSWER: Howard Carter
  9. In 1849 Charles Harrod moved his business to which area of London, near Hyde Park?
    ANSWER: Knightsbridge
  10. What was the name of the Nottingham street in which Richard Woodhead and Paul Angois set up a small bicycle workshop in 1885?
    ANSWER: Raleigh Street
  11. In which English county would you find the White Cliffs of Dover?
  12. Which brand started life as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922?
    ANSWER: Jaguar
  13. Who lived in 13 Coronation Street until moving out in 1987?
    ANSWER: Hilda Ogden
  14. Which organisation has the web address ""?
    ANSWER: St John Ambulance
  15. What sort of festival is held in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, every summer?
    ANSWER: Book or literature Festival
  16. Who was the first monarch to rule from Buckingham Palace?
    ANSWER: Queen Victoria
  17. The Tories and which other political party were the main parties in Great Britain in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries?
    ANSWER: Whigs
  18. Which famous British fashion designer known for her punk-inspired designs died in December, 2022?
    ANSWER: Dame Vivienne Westwood
  19. Famous British street artist Bansky is mostly associated with which city?
    ANSWER: Bristol
  20. What shared name is Liz Truss's first and Theresa May's second?
    ANSWER: Mary
  21. Chesney Allen is best remembered for his comedy and music double act with who?
    ANSWER: Bud Flanagan
  22. In 1995, Norman Wisdom was made an honorary citizen of which city?
    ANSWER: Tirana (capital of Albania)
  23. Which company published its first sticker album for the 1970 World Cup?
    ANSWER: Panini
  24. Which company opened its first UK store in Warrington in 1987?
  25. Which British author wrote the children's fantasy series "The Chronicles of Narnia"?
    ANSWER: C.S. Lewis
  26. At the end of which decade did George Orwell write the iconic novel '1984'?
    ANSWER: 1940s (1949)
  27. Bobby Moore played over 500 games for which English football club?
    ANSWER: West Ham United
  28. What is the name of the hexagonal rock formations located off the coast of Northern Ireland?
    ANSWER: Giant's Causeway
  29. Which English county is home to the picturesque Lake District?
    ANSWER: Cumbria
  30. Who was the first wife of Henry VIII?
    ANSWER: Katherine of Aragon
  31. In "Doctor Who", what does the acronym TARDIS stand from?
    ANSWER: Time and Relative Dimension in Space
  32. Which Shakespearean theatre was completed in 1997, just yards away and 400 years after the original?
    ANSWER: Globe Theatre
  33. How many qualifying years do you need to get a full new State Pension?
    ANSWER: 35 years
  34. The Magna Carta was signed in which year?
    ANSWER: 1215
  35. The Battle of Britain was fought over the UK in which year?
    ANSWER: 1940
  36. "Downton Abbey" follows the lives of which aristocratic family?
    ANSWER: The Crawley family
  37. What date is St. George's Day celebrated on?
    ANSWER: 23rd April
  38. Who portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in the final two seasons of the Netflix series "The Crown"?
    ANSWER: Imelda Staunton
  39. In addition to painting and writing, what unusual hobby did Sir Winston Churchill have?
    ANSWER: Bricklaying
  40. Which store made news headlines in Easter 2024 by putting a tick instead of a cross on traditional hot cross buns?
    ANSWER: Iceland
  41. What strait separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England?
    ANSWER: Solent
  42. Which peninsula is the most southerly outcrop of land in Cornwall?
    ANSWER: Lizard Peninsula
  43. Paul Henry is an English actor best known for playing which role?
    ANSWER: Benny, or Benny Hawkins (in the soap opera Crossroads)
  44. Which organisation's oakleaf symbol was designed by Joseph Armitage in 1936?
    ANSWER: The National Trust
  45. The PR firm, Monsoon PR, features in which TV sitcom?
    ANSWER: Absolutely Fabulous
  46. Who became the sole presenter of News at Ten in 1992?
    ANSWER: Trevor McDonald
  47. What was the correct meaning of the Tiswas initials?
    ANSWER: Today Is Saturday: Watch And Smile
  48. What is the Salvation Army's three word motto?
    ANSWER: Blood and Fire
  49. In which city did Dylan Thomas die in 1953 at the age of 39?
    ANSWER: New York City
  50. The RHS was founded in 1804, what does RHS stand for?
    ANSWER: The Royal Horticultural Society