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Human Body Quiz

Quiz: The Human Body in Numbers

  1. How many valves are there in a human heart?
  2. The vast majority of human beings are born with how many pairs of ribs?
  3. Including wisdom teeth, a full set of adult teeth amounts to how many?
  4. Normally, each cell in the human body has how many pairs of chromosomes?

  5. How many main blood groups are there?
  6. The adult human skeleton is made up of how many bones?
  7. How many bones are there in an adult human's hand?
  8. How many nerves reside in the human body: (a) 7 million, (b) 7 billion, or (c) 7 trillion?
  9. What is the average human body temperature to the closest degree Celsius?
  10. How many bones are there in the typical human foot?


  1. Four (aortic valve, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, and pulmonary valve)
  2. 12 pairs (24 ribs in total)
  3. 32 teeth in total
  4. 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 total chromosomes)
  5. Four – A, B, AB and O
  6. 206 bones
  7. 27 bones in one hand
  8. (c) 7 trillion
  9. 37 degree Celsius
  10. 26 bones (52 bones for both feet)