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Themed Quiz

  1. Actors & Actresses: In which film did Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich play the characters Malorie Hayes and Douglas?
    Answer: Bird Box
  2. Acronyms: What does the acronym SIM stand for, as in SIM card?
    Answer: Subscriber Identification Module
  3. Animals: A population of which creatures, estimated to be as many as 15,000, are currently thriving in Sheerness Dockyard on the Isle of Sheppy, Kent?
    Answer: Scorpions
  4. Art: Whose 1972 work Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) became at the time of its auction, the most expensive artwork by a living artist?
    Answer: David Hockney
  5. Australia: Which city is the largest settlement in North Queensland?
    Answer: Townsville

  6. Ballet: Which Moscow based ballet company is the largest in the world?
    Answer: Bolshoi Ballet
  7. Bones: Which bone runs parallel to the ulna?
    Answer: Radius
  8. Books: British author Michael Morpurgo is best known for which novel, adapted into a 2011 film?
    Answer: War Horse
  9. Buildings: Old Joe, the tallest free-standing clock tower in the world, is located in Chancellor's court at which British university?
    Answer: Birmingham University
  10. Canada: What is the capital of Canada?
    Answer: Ottawa
  11. Cartoons: Harley Bird was the third and longest running voice of which cartoon character?
    Answer: Peppa Pig
  12. Christmas: What did a London baker called Tom Smith invent over 150 years ago?
    Answer: Christmas crackers
  13. Colours: In computer graphics "aqua" is interchangeable with what colour?
    Answer: Cyan
  14. Composers: The Kochel catalogue is a chronological catalogue of compositions by which composer?
    Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  15. Computers: Portable Document Format is a file format developed by which company in 1992?
    Answer: Adobe
  16. Countries: Which country shares its southern end border with Belize and Guatemala?
    Answer: Mexico
  17. Cricket: In which Dickens’ novel is there a fictitious cricket match between Dingley Dell and All Muggleton?
    Answer: The Pickwick Papers
  18. Film Directors: Who directed the two 1939 films Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz ?
    Answer: Victor Flemming
  19. Disney Films: In which decade did Mickey Mouse star in the black-and-white film Steamboat Willie?
    Answer: 1920s (1928)
  20. Easy Question: What’s the highest mountain range that is entirely in Europe?
    Answer: Alps
  21. England: Winchester is a cathedral city in which English county?
    Answer: Hampshire
  22. Film: Bubba convinces who to go into the shrimp business with him after their service?
    Answer: Forrest Gump
  23. Food and Drink: Laverbread is a food product made from edible what?
    Answer: Seaweed
  24. Football: Which player has scored the most goals ever in a single edition of the FIFA World Cup, with thirteen in just six matches of the 1958 tournament?
    Answer: Just Fontaine
  25. Friends: What is the name of the coffeehouse in the sitcom Friends?
    Answer: Central Perk
  26. Game of Thrones: What is the capital city of Westeros?
    Answer: King’s Landing
  27. General Knowledge: Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main international airport serving which Asian city?
    Answer: Bangkok
  28. Geography: The longest bridge in Europe is the Vasco da Gama Bridge which spans which river?
    Answer: Tagus River
  29. Germany: Which German state surrounds Berlin?
    Answer: Brandenburg
  30. Golf: How many globally recognised major championships are there in men's professional golf?
    Answer: Four
  31. Halloween: Who wrote the Worst Witch series of books?
    Answer: Jill Murphy
  32. Harry Potter: Can you name the final book in the Harry Potter series?
    Answer: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  33. History: How old was Joan of Arc when she was burnt at the stake in Rouen, France in 1431?
    Answer: 19-years-old
  34. Human Body: What ducts produce tears?
    Answer: The lacrimal duct
  35. India: What name is given to the Hindu festival of lights?
    Answer: Diwali
  36. Ireland: What is the largest county in Ireland?
    Answer: County Cork
  37. Kings and Queens: Which king was on the English throne in the year 1300?
    Answer: Edward I
  38. Languages: ‘Uva’ is the Spanish word for which fruit?
    Answer: Grape
  39. Literature: Which writer turned a planned brief visit to Charles Dickens' home into a five-week stay, much to the distress of the Dickens' family?
    Answer: Hans Christian Andersen
  40. Music: Who first gained public attention in 2015 with her debut single "Ocean Eyes", written and produced by her brother Finneas O'Connell?
    Answer: Billie Eilish
  41. Netflix: Which 2023 Netflix film is based on the real-life experiences of Dave Fishwick?
    Answer: Bank of Dave
  42. Numbers: 6, 28, 496, and 8,128 are what sort of numbers?
    Answer: Perfect numbers
  43. Olympics: Which city hosted the 1956 Olympic Games?
    Answer: Melbourne
  44. Planets: Which planet is the hottest in the Solar System?
    Answer: Venus
  45. Poetry: The poem Night Mail features in a 1936 documentary and remains one of the best-known poems by which poet?
    Answers: W.H. Auden
  46. Quotes: Who said: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."?
    Answer: Mae West
  47. Religion: What is the name of Adam and Eve’s youngest son?
    Answer: Seth
  48. Rock and Roll: “Good Golly, Miss Molly" is a rock 'n' roll song first recorded in 1956 by which musician?
    Answer: Little Richard
  49. Science: What did Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev famously create in 1869?
    Answer: The Periodic Table
  50. Scotland: What is a Lochan in Scottland?
    Answer: A small loch
  51. Soaps: In which year did Eastenders first hit our screens?
    Answer: 1985
  52. South Africa: Can you name the largest national park in South Africa?
    Answer: Kruger National Park
  53. Sport: Keely Hodgkinson won the silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in which event?
    Answer: 800 metres
  54. Television: Leonard Pearce was best known for playing which television role?
    Answer: Grandad in Only Fools and Horses
  55. Tennis: Who won the men's Wimbledon singles title in 2023?
    Answer: Carlos Alcaraz
  56. The Simpsons: What instrument does Lisa play in her school band?
    Answer: Saxophone
  57. Transport: The Queensway and Kingsway road tunnels run under which British river?
    Answer: River Mersey
  58. Travel: The Place Kleber is the central square in which French city close to the German border?
    Answer: Strasbourg
  59. True or False: Earls Court Exhibition Centre has been demolished?
    Answer: True
  60. USA: Mount Rushmore National Memorial is in which American state?
    Answer: South Dakota