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Disclaimer: These 'driving theory test' type quiz questions are just for fun and not to be used for revision for an actual driving exam.

Questions I

  1. In the driving theory test you must answer at least how many questions out of 50 correctly to pass section one?
  2. What does the abbreviation 'PAS' stand for?

  3. After learners pass their driving test, they may opt to display green P-plates; what does the 'P' stand for?
  4. What does the below road sign mean?

  5. road sign question for theory test
  6. If you are driving on an icy road, how many times the normal distance should you drive from the car in front?
  7. What type of emergency vehicle is fitted with a green flashing beacon?
  8. In which year were speed cameras introduces to the UK?
  9. What does SORN stand for?
  10. What type of crossings are designed for both pedestrians and cyclists?
  11. What is the legal limit for tyre tread?
  12. If you are towing a trailer on a motorway, what is your national speed limit?
  13. What is the maximum speed of powered wheelchairs and disability scooters?
  14. After what time at night should you not use your horn in a built up area?
  15. On what sort of crossing are cyclists allowed to ride across with pedestrians?
  16. How can you use a vehicle's engine as a brake?


  1. 43
  2. Powered-assisted steering
  3. Probationary
  4. No waiting
  5. Ten times
  6. Doctor's car
  7. 1992
  8. Statutory Off-Road Notification
  9. Toucan crossings
  10. 1.6mm
  11. 60mph
  12. 8mph
  13. 11:30pm
  14. Toucan
  15. By changing to a lower gear

Questions II

  1. The compulsory driving test for all drivers was introduced in which decade?
  2. How old must you be to supervise a learner driver?
  3. In Wales, with it's bilingual status, learner drivers may display either red L plates or what other letter red plates?
  4. As of March 2016, how much does the theory test for cars cost?
  5. What term is given to an area not covered by a driver's mirrors?
  6. As of March 2016, how much does a weekday driving test cost?
  7. How many answers out of 50 do you have to answer correctly to pass the theory test?
  8. In which year was the new hazard perception test incorporated into the current driving theory exam?
  9. A CBT certificate may be required before a motorcycle is ridden; what does this acronym stand for?
  10. What does it mean if a pedestrian has a white stick with a red band?
  11. Traffic signs giving orders are generally what shape?
  12. In metres, what is the nearest you may park to a junction?
  13. Front seat belts became compulsory to be worn in which year?
  14. You must renew your driving licence when you reach what age?
  15. In which city are the headquarters of the DVLA?


  1. 1930s (1935)

  2. 21
  3. D plates
  4. £23
  5. Blind spot
  6. £62
  7. 43
  8. 2002
  9. Compulsory Basic Training
  10. Deaf and blind
  11. Circle or round
  12. 10 metres
  13. 1983
  14. 70
  15. Swansea

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