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Things in Common Quiz


What do the following things have in common? Most questions are looking for a shared word or name.

  1. What does the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party have in common with the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet?
  2. What name is shared by the capital and largest city in the Seychelles and the waterfalls viewed by David Livingstone on 16 November 1855?
  3. The middle name of politician Keir Starmer is the same name as a popular sitcom character, what is it?
  4. Matt Damon and Uma Thurman were born in the same year that Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died - what year?
  5. UK elections and Thanksgiving in the USA always happen on the same day of the week - which day?

  6. What does a planet that revolves around the sun every 90 days have in common with Farrokh Bulsara?
  7. What name does the plant "Hedera" share with a 1980s fictional Coronation Street character played by Lynne Perrie?
  8. The amount of points on the maple leaf on the Flag of Canada, the atomic number of sodium, and the first manned spacecraft to land on the Moon - what number do they share?
  9. What name is shared by the 2020 captain of the Netherlands football team and the ancient Roman poet who wrote the Latin epic, The Aeneid?
  10. What middle name does Donald Trump's father have in common with a 635 metric tons statue located at the peak of the Corcovado mountain?
  11. What does Westward Ho in Devon have in common with the film Airplane, and the pop group Wham?
  12. Harland Sanders, Tom Parker and a cetain yellow coloured morder suspect?
  13. The largest city in the state of New Hampshire and England's Cottonopolis?
  14. The host of the 1995 ITV late night game show God's Gift and the man who shot Wild Bill Hickok in the back?
  15. "Hotel California" and a 1975 novel by Jack Higgins?
  16. What name is slang for fifty pounds and also the name of the dog in Oliver Twist?
  17. What word does the eighth studio album by David Bowie share with the Curse of Scotland?
  18. Aurora borealis and a 90s American comedy drama series featuring physician Joel Fleischman, in Anchorage, Alaska?
  19. What does Australia have in common with Serpentine, and Golden Horn?
  20. What about the characters Becky Sharp, Rawdon Crawley, George Osborne and Amelia Sedley?
  21. In 1994, the youngest and the first British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars and the ship that sank in the English Channel near the Normandy coast on 25 November 1120?


  1. Xi (Xi Jinping And Xi)
  2. Victoria (Victoria and Victoria Falls)
  3. Rodney
  4. 1970
  5. Thursday
  6. Mercury (Mercury and Freddie Mercury)
  7. Ivy (Ivy is the common name for the plant Hedera, and Ivy Tilsley in Coronation Street)
  8. Eleven (11) (11 points, atomic number 11, and Apollo 11)
  9. Virgil (Virgil van Dijk is the footballer)
  10. Christ (Frederick Christ Trump, and Christ the Redeemer)
  11. They all have exclamation marks (!) after their name
  12. Colonel (Colonel Sanders (KFC fame), Colonel Tom Parker (Elvis Presley's manager), and Colonel Mustard (Cluedo))
  13. Manchester (Cottonopolis was the nickname for Manchester)
  14. McCall (Davina McCall, and Jack McCall)

  15. Eagles ("Hotel California" is a song by the Eagles, and the book The Eagle Has Landed)
  16. Bullseye (is 50 pounds in slang, and Bulls' Eye is the name of the dog)
  17. Diamond ("Diamond Dogs" and the playing card, the nine of diamonds)
  18. Northern (Northern Lights and Northern Exposure)
  19. All Epsom Derby Winners (the names of racehorses)
  20. All charcaters in Vanity Fair (by William Makepeace Thackeray)
  21. White (Marco Pierre White and the White Ship)