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Things Named After Places

Quiz: name the following, which were created or inspired by actual places

  1. A humorous five-line poem named after a city in western Ireland?
  2. Type of fortified wine named after a city in Portugal?
  3. An easy-peeling citrus fruit named after a former province in Japan?
  4. This word describing bitter derision or a mocking look appears to stem from a Mediterranean island?
  5. A location where mineral-rich spring water is used to give medicinal baths; named after a town in Belgium?

  6. A sport named after the seat of the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire?
  7. A costume for women named after an atoll in the Marshall Islands?
  8. A socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts; named after a small province in the Austrian Empire?
  9. Slang term for prison that comes from the name of a London street?
  10. Dog breed that gets its name from a region in Croatia?
  11. Type of bag that gets its name from a small town in Belgium, near Antwerp?
  12. A style of typeface invented by printer Aldus Manutius in 1501 which he named after his country?
  13. A word that decribes using very few words to express what you mean, which comes from an Ancient Greek district whose administrative capital was Sparta?
  14. This colour was the location of a battle during the Franco-Austrian war?
  15. A word which comes from a river in Turkey known locally for its long, curving pattern?
  16. Cotton fabric that gets its name from the city in Iraq where it was once produced?
  17. A unique floor covering when first made in 1755 by cloth weaver Thomas Whitty in the Devon village which gives it its name?
  18. A type of chair that gets its name from a mountain range in northeastern New York?
  19. A variation of the British fried breakfast that is prepared in Northern Ireland?
  20. High-quality type of wool yarn and the fabric made from this yarn, the name derives from a village in the county of Norfolk, England?


  1. Limerick
  2. Port - named after the city of Oporto
  3. Satsuma - named after the Satsuma Province
  4. Sardonic - from the island of Sardonia
  5. Spa - Spa is a town in Belgium
  6. Badminton - Badminton is a village and civil parish in Gloucestershire
  7. Bikini - named after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands
  8. Bohemian - Bohemia is now a region forming much of the Czech Republic
  9. Clink - London Prison was located on Clink Street but was destroyed in 1780
  10. Dalmatian - Dalmatia is a hsitorical region in present-day Croatia
  11. Duffel bags - the bags were first produced in Duffel, Belgium
  12. Italics - the word 'italic' literally means "Of Italy"
  13. Laconic - the word comes from Laconia, a historical region of Greece
  14. Magenta - the Battle of Magenta was fought in 1859
  15. Meander - after the river Buyuk Menderes in Turkey
  16. Muslin - from the city of Mosul in Iraq
  17. Axminster carpets - the first factory was in Axminster, Devon
  18. Adirondack chair – named after the Adirondack mountains
  19. Ulster Fry
  20. Worsted - Worsted is a village in Norfolk