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Quiz About Thursday

Quiz Questions

  1. Whose debut novel is The Thursday Murder Club? The Guardian newspaper called it the "fastest selling adult crime debut" in recorded history?
  2. What does the traditional nursery rhyme say about Thursday's child, if Monday's child is fair of face?
  3. Thursday is named after the mythological Norse god Thor; what weapon did Thor carry?
  4. Quinta Feira is Thursday in which language?
  5. Thursday Island is the capital of the Torres Strait Islands which are a part of which country?
  6. What is the better known name given to Holy Thursday?
  7. Thursday is associated with which planet?
  8. Was the last UK general election not to take place on a Thursday held in 1931, 1951, or 1971?

  9. Which 1960s British television comedy-drama series featured Alice Thursday, a Cockney charwoman who inherits £10 million?
  10. Who recorded the song "Thursday's Child" for his studio album Hours?
  11. In 1956 which American singer and actress published an autobiography called 'Thursday's Child'?
  12. What was first broadcast on Tuesday 25 September 1979 but is now traditionally broadcast on BBC One late on a Thursday night?
  13. According to John Steinbeck, the title of which 1954 novel is the day between Lousy Wednesday and Waiting Friday?
  14. Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the United States, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of which month?
  15. In which TV series does the character Arthur Dent says: "This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays"?
  16. Which winner of the Golden Globe Award for the 2008 film The Wrestler also played a small part of a crooked cop in the 1998 film Thursday?
  17. Who made the prediction" "a powerful leader who will threaten "the East" will be born of three water signs and takes Thursday as his feast day"?
  18. Thursday at the Square were free weekly concerts held annually each summer at Lafayette Square in the second-largest city in the American state of New York. Can you name this city?
  19. Which crash was also called Black Thursday after the events of October 24, 1929?
  20. What disaster took place on Thursday, May 6, 1937?
  21. In which year does Christmas Day next fall on a Thursday? (Note: This question was written in early 2022)
  22. Released in 2018, "Thursday" is a song by which English singer-songwriter?
  23. The Man Who Was Thursday is a 1908 novel by which English writer? (Hint: this author also created the fictional detective Father Brown)


  1. Richard Osman (Pointless and House of Games presenter)
  2. Thursday's child has far to go
  3. Hammer
  4. Portuguese
  5. Australia
  6. Maundy Thursday
  7. Jupiter
  8. 1931
  9. Mrs Thursday
  10. David Bowie
  11. Eartha Kitt (the autobiography was the inspiration for the David Bowie song "Thursday's Child")
  12. Question Time (TV programme)
  13. Sweet Thursday
  14. November

  15. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  16. Mickey Rourke
  17. Nostradamus
  18. Buffalo
  19. The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as the Great Crash
  20. The Hindenburg disaster (in Manchester Township, New Jersey, United States)
  21. 2025
  22. Jesse Glynne
  23. G. K. Chesterton