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Tiebreaker Questions I

  1. Neil Armstrong was the first man to touch the surface of the Moon but how many minutes later did Buzz Aldrin also join him on the Moon's surface?
  2. Humphrey Bogart and Quentin Crisp were both born on Christmas Day - but how many years apart?
  3. To the closest metre, how wide is San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge?
  4. What is the running time in minutes of the 1995 American computer-animated film Toy Story?
  5. The Hollywood Sign is an American cultural icon situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills - in feet, how tall are the white capital letters?

  1. To the nearest whole number, how many times will England fit into the State of Texas?
  2. In the 21st century, how many times has the United Kingdom finished in the top ten of the Eurovision Song Contest? (note: question was set in August, 2019)
  3. How old was Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated in April 1865?
  4. Hungarian-American actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor and her two actress sisters Eva and Magda were married quite a few times, but how many husbands did they have in total between them?
  5. The Persistence of Memory is a famous 1931 painting by artist Salvador Dali; how many inches across does this most recognisable work of Surrealism measure?
  6. Orville Wright made the first successful flight in a powered aircraft on December 17, 1903, but how many metres did he travel?
  7. In minutes, what was the total time that Neil Armstrong spent out of the lunar module on the moon?
  8. A standard dartboard measures how many inches in diameter?
  9. The Christ the Redeemer statue stands on Corcovado mountain overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro; in metres, how long do the arms stretch from finger tip to finger tip?
  10. Catherine Howard married Henry VIII when she was just 16 or 17, how old was the groom Henry?


  1. 19 minutes later
  2. 9 years apart - Humphrey Bogart (1899) and Quentin Crisp (1908)
  3. 27 metres
  4. 81 minutes
  5. 45-feet tall
  6. Five times (5.3)
  7. Twice (Jessica Garlick third (2002) and Jade Ewen fifth (2009))
  8. 56 years old
  9. 20 husbands (Zsa Zsa Gabor had 9, Magda Gabor had 6, and Eva Gabor 5 times)
  10. 13 inches (9.5 in × 13 in - yes, it really is that small!)
  11. 37 metres or (120 feet)
  12. 152 minutes
  13. 18 inches in diameter
  14. The arms stretch 28 metres
  15. 49 (and she was beheaded just 2 years after the marriage)

Questions II

  1. How old was George Harrison when The Beatles first arrived in America on tour and famously landed at Kennedy Airport in February, 1964?
  2. In feet, what is the length of the minute hand on the clock commonly (but mistakenly!) called Big Ben?
  3. For the Oxford and Cambridge annual boat race, to the nearest minute, what is the course record (as of 2019)?
  4. Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, is the record holder for world's oldest dog, how old was he when he died?
  5. The children's comic strip character Rupert Bear (created by the English artist Mary Tourtel) first appeared in the Daily Express newspaper in which year?
  6. How many UK number-one singles has the band Oasis had?
  7. How many episodes of the British historical period drama Downton Abbey have been made?
  8. Trudy, the oldest living Western Lowland gorilla passed away at Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas, in 2019. How old was Trudy?
  9. How old was the Eiffel Tower on March 31, 2019?
  10. Correct as of 2019, what is the maximum length parcel tube you can send with the Royal Mail? (Answer required in centimetres)
  11. In feet and inches, how tall are the AEC Routemaster red double-decker busses that were designed and used by London Transport?
  12. The Cook Strait which separates the North and South Islands of New Zealand is how many miles across at its narrowest point?
  13. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones share the same birthday, but how many years apart?
  14. The new polymer five pound note featuring Winston Churchill on the reverse is how many millimetres in width? (i.e. its longest length)
  15. In December 1926, the crime novelist Agatha Christie famously vanished from her home for how many days?


  1. 20 years old (John Lennon and Ringo were 23, McCartney 21)
  2. 14 feet long
  3. 16 minutes (Cambridge, 1998 – 16 minutes and 19 seconds)
  4. 29 years (and 5 months)
  5. 1920
  6. Eight number ones
  7. 52 episodes
  8. 63 years old
  9. 130 years old
  10. 90 centimetres
  11. 14 feet 4.5 inches (or 172.5 inches)
  12. 14 miles across
  13. 25 years apart
  14. 125 millimetres
  15. 11 days (author Jared Cade later wrote the biography Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days)

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