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12 Tiebreakers Quiz Questions


  1. In metres, how long is the longest runway at Heathrow?
  2. How old was Henry VIII when he died?
  3. With the exception of putters, in the rules of golf no golf club may exceed how many inches in length?
  4. At the 2016 census, what was the population of Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands?

  5. How many European countries are bigger than UK?
  6. At what age did Nelson Mandela die?
  7. How many permanent teeth do adult cats have?
  8. To the nearest hour, how many hours passed between liftoff on Earth to Neil Armstrong's first setting foot on the Moon?
  9. What is The Statue of Liberty's waistline in feet?
  10. Shirley Crabtree, better known as wrestler Big Daddy, had a record breaking chest size - what size was it in inches?
  11. How many times would Sweden fit into Australia?
  12. The Titanic’s original design called for 64 lifeboats, but how many including the four Engelhardt "collapsibles" were actually on the ship when it sunk in 1912?


  1. 3,902 metres
  2. 55-years old
  3. 48 inches
  4. 2,460
  5. 10 European countries
  6. 95
  7. 30 adult teeth
  8. 108 hours (108 hours, 24 minutes, 15 seconds)
  9. 35-foot waistline
  10. 64-inches

  11. 17 times
  12. 20 lifeboats

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