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Quiz Questions

  1. True or False. The name Tokyo translates to "Eastern Capital"?

  2. Name the famous upscale shopping area of Tokyo?
  3. The Yomiuri Giants and the Tokyo Yakult Swallows play which professional sport?
  4. By what name is 'the Shinkansen' better known in English?
  5. Can you name the Tokyo tower which is the tallest structure in Japan and the tallest tower in the world?
  6. Name the ancient temple, the oldest and most significant in Tokyo, which is the most visited spiritual site in the world?
  7. In which year did Tokyo become the first Asian city to host the Summer Olympics?
  8. Which trees that turn large areas of the city completely pink are in full bloom at springtime?
  9. Completed in 1993, what colourful name is given to the suspension bridge crossing northern Tokyo Bay?
  10. Often in the media, what type of cafe was first established in Akihabara, Tokyo, in March 2001?
  11. What lies about 60 miles south-west of Tokyo, and can be seen from there on a clear day?
  12. On which island is Tokyo?
  13. In 1995, which nerve agent was used in the Tokyo subway attack?
  14. Based in Tokyo, what is the name of Japan's parliament?
  15. Which actress was born in Tokyo in July, 1916, and in 2019 reached her 103rd birthday?
  16. By what name was Tokyo formerly called until 1868?
  17. Tokyo Disneyland, the first Disney park to be built outside the USA, opened in which decade?
  18. Name the large river that flows through Tokyo?
  19. By what name is Tokyo International Airport better known?
  20. On July 20th 1971, Japan's first what opened on the first floor of Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza?
  21. Japanese rice wines Shochu and Nihonshu are often simply called "sake" in the west, but what does the term "sake" literally mean in English?
  22. True or false. In 2019, Tokyo is the city with the second most Michelin star restaurants in the world behind Paris?


  1. True
  2. Ginza
  3. Baseball
  4. The bullet train (built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo)
  5. Tokyo Skytree
  6. Sensoji Temple
  7. 1964
  8. Cherry Blossoms
  9. The Rainbow Bridge
  10. Maid cafe
  11. Mount Fuji

  12. Honshu
  13. Sarin
  14. The National Diet
  15. Olivia de Havilland
  16. Edo
  17. 1980s (1983)
  18. The Sumida river
  19. Haneda Airport
  20. First McDonald's restaurant (And in 2019, the world's largest Starbucks openned in Tokyo, at 32,000-square-feet)
  21. Alcohol or liquor
  22. False. It has the most. A total of 230 restaurants, according to the '2019 Michelin Guide'. Paris comes second with 123.