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Top 10 Moments in UK History

UK History Quiz

  1. (a) William The Conqueror defeated which English king at The Battle of Hastings?
    (b) In the middle of which month did the 1066 battle take place?
  2. (a) In which year was the Magna Carta, also known as the 'Great Charter', signed by King John?
    (b) How many copies still exist of the Magna Carta?

  3. (a) In which century did the Black Death arrive in England?
    (b) The Peasants' Revolt was a consequence of the Black Death. Which king did the rebels meet?
  4. (a) William Shakespeare was born and raised in which market town?
    (b) What is Shakespeare’s longest play?
  5. (a) In which year was Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot discovered?
    (b) Who was the leader of the group of Catholics who planned the failed plot?
  6. (a) The Act of Union which joined England and Scotland was passed in which year?
    (b) The two countries had shared a monarch since which Scottish king inherited the English throne?
  7. (a) In which year was the Battle of Waterloo?
    (b) Who described the battle as 'a damned close-run thing'?
  8. (a) In which year did Queen Victoria become queen?
    (b) How old was Victoria when she was crowned monarch?
  9. (a) World War One started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in which city?
    (b) World War One ended with which treaty in 1918?
  10. (a) World War Two began when Germany invaded which country?
    (b) Japan captured which British stronghold on 15 February 1942?


  1. (a) Harold, (b) October (14 October, 1066)
  2. (a) 1215, (b) Four (two at the British Library; one each in Salisbury Cathedral and Lincoln Castle)
  3. (a) 14th century (1346), (b) Richard II
  4. (a) Stratford-upon-Avon, (b) Hamlet (with 4,042 lines) (The shortest is The Comedy of Errors, with 1,787 lines.)
  5. (a) 1642, (b) Robert Catesby
  6. (a) 1707, (b) James I (who was also James VI of Scotland)
  7. (a) 1815, (b) Duke of Wellington
  8. (a) 1837, (b) 18 years old
  9. (a) Sarajevo (capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina), (b) Treaty of Versailles
  10. (a) Poland, (b) Singapore