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Top 10 Quiz


  1. Ian Flemming wrote eleven James Bond novels, what was the title of his first?
  2. Which mountain is the second-highest in Africa?
  3. Can you name the third largest island in the world? (Hint: It is the only one to contain three individual countries.)
  4. Which city is Scotland's fourth-largest city?
  5. What is the fifth largest planet in the solar system?
  6. In a list of longest serving soap characters, Eileen Derbyshire comes sixth, which Coronation Street character did she played for 53 years?
  7. As of May 2021, who is seventh in line to the throne of the United Kingdom: The Duke of Sussex, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, or The Duke of York?
  8. On a recent top 10's list, Sergey Brin's net worth was 100 billion, making him the eighth-richest person in the world - what did he co-found?
  9. Who is the ninth oldest Academy Award winner for Best Actor in a Leading Role, aged 59 years and 348 days in 2017 for the film, Darkest Hour?
  10. Name either of the 10th equal most expensive properties on a standard UK Monpopoly board?


  1. Casino Royale (1952)
  2. Mount Kenya
  3. Borneo
  4. Dundee
  5. Earth
  6. Emily Bishop
  7. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor
  8. Google
  9. Gary Oldman
  10. The Strand or Fleet Street (both red colour properties worth £220)

Top Ten Trivia

  1. Which country is the world's top producer of opals, producing 95% of the world's supply of this gemstone?
  2. Starting with the letter 'm' which fish are the fastest marine swimmers after the sailfish?
  3. Founded in 1410 by an Augustian community who wanted to study advanced topics, which university is the third oldest university in the UK?
  4. Which US state is the fourth-largest by area? (Hint: It's also the eighth-least populous state.)
  5. Name the fifth most capped England international footballer, who won a total of 108 caps at the time of his international retirement in 1973?
  6. Which African country is the world's sixth biggest coffee producer?
  7. What is the first name of Mr Carter, as of May 2021 the seventh fastest sprinter of all time?
  8. The eighth largest stadium in the world is also the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, can you mane it?
  9. Which Italian football club is equal ninth in the UEFA Champions League most wins list, having won it in seven times including in 2015 and 2017?
  10. In a list of top 10 UK tallest buidlings, Deansgate Square South Tower comes tenth. In which city is this skyscraper?


  1. Australia
  2. Marlin
  3. St Andrews
  4. Montana
  5. Bobby Moore
  6. Eithiopia
  7. Nesta (Nesta Carter)
  8. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
  9. Juventus
  10. Manchester