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Tough General Knowledge

Quiz Questions

  1. What name does the second ever pope share with a fictional comic strip character?
  2. The tyrannosaurus rex lived in which geological period?
  3. To the nearest one thousand miles, what is the diameter of the Earth?
  4. Guayaquil is the largest city in which country?
  5. Indonesia gained its independence in 1949 from which European country?

  6. The Montreux Convention of 1936 guarantees the free passage of civilian vessels in which waterway? (Hint: this waterway was known from Classical Antiquity as the Hellespont.)
  7. Often described as England's smallest city, which city is actually larger than the City of London but smaller than Ripon in Yorkshire?
  8. In 2003, which former athelete was involved in a legal dispute with the directory enquiries company 'The Number' for its 118 118 service?
  9. The Plains of Abraham is a historic area within which Canadian city?
  10. Which horse, rated one of the best racehorses trained in Britain in the 20th century, was named after the swashbuckling hero in a series of historical short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle?
  11. Which animal represents the Chinese Year for 2020?
  12. For a full kilt, it is traditional to use how many yards of fabric?
  13. What is the tenth letter of the greek alphabet?
  14. Which flower is referred to as "Stella Alpina" in the Italian speaking Alps and "Etoile des Alpes" in the French Alps?
  15. Which ship sank in the English Channel in 1120 with the loss of 300 people including the only legitimate son of King Henry I?
  16. The Giant's Causeway is located in which Irish county?
  17. William Willett, who died in 1915, was a tireless promoter and campaigner for what?
  18. Which Italian town in the Monferrato hills is noted for the production of the sparkling wine that bears its name?
  19. Which palace was the birthplace of Henry VIII in 1491 and his daughter Elizabeth I in 1533?
  20. What exactly was Sully Prudhomme of France the first to win in 1901?


  1. Linus (Pope Linus and Linus van Pelt in the comic strip Peanuts)
  2. Cretaceous
  3. 8,000 miles
  4. Ecuador
  5. Netherlands (or Holland)
  6. Dardanelles
  7. Wells (in Somerset)
  8. David Bedford (for the alleged portrayal of his image)
  9. Quebec City (or simply Quebec)

  10. Brigadier Gerard
  11. Rat
  12. 8-yards
  13. Kappa
  14. Edelweiss
  15. The White Ship
  16. County Antrim
  17. British Summertime or Daylight Saving (advancing the clocks by one hour)
  18. Asti
  19. Greenwich Palace (also known as The Palace of Placentia)
  20. Nobel Prize in Literature