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Towns Quiz Questions and Answers


  1. Can you name the northernmost town on the British mainland?
  2. Which town is the largest town in Shropshire, and one of the fastest-growing towns in the UK? (hint: it was named after a Scottish civil engineer)
  3. Three towns have the prefix 'Royal' in front of them, can you name all three?
  4. Which town is known as the "Home of the British Army", a connection which led to its quick growth from a village to a Victorian town?
  5. Which town is the main town of North Devon?
  6. D. H. Lawrence, in Lady Chatterley's Lover, described which town as "that once romantic now utterly disheartening colliery town"?

  7. Can you name the largest town of Orkney?
  8. Which town's unofficial coat of arms shows a crocus within the walls of a castle?
  9. Which prefix put before a German town's name means it’s a Spa Town?
  10. Which town was described by Sir John Betjeman as "probably the loveliest town in England" and was once the only UK town with three Michelin-starred restaurants?
  11. Name the largest town in North Wales which is also home to the oldest international football ground in the world still in use?
  12. It gave its name to duffel coats and bags, but in which European country is the town Duffel?
  13. The third-largest town in the Northern Territory of Australia was known as Stuart until 1933, what is this town named now?
  14. Workington and Whitehaven are in which English county?
  15. Name Britain's oldest recorded town; it dates from the 5th century?
  16. Which Scottish market town is nicknamed Queen of the South?
  17. Which seaside town on the north coast of Kent is famous for its 'Native Oysters'?
  18. Which town is the northernmost town in England?
  19. Tenby is a walled seaside town in which Welsh county?
  20. Which Derbyshire town famous for its mineral water is also the highest market town in England?
  21. Leighton Buzzard is a town in which English county?
  22. Which large market town in Greater Manchester gets its name from an Old English word meaning castle, and is associated with the traditional local dish, black pudding?
  23. Which large spa town on the edge of the Cotswolds is home to the GCHQ?
  24. In which Cornish seaside town did a branch of the Tate Gallery open in 1993?
  25. Which town in Cheshire, 14 miles south-west of Manchester, was named after King Canute?
  26. In 1929, George V spent several months recuperating from a serious illness in which seaside resort, and as a result renamed it?
  27. Which town, located on the eastern shore of Loch Linnhe, is the second largest settlement in the Highland council area?
  28. Scunthorpe is an industrial town in which English county?
  29. Which town, renowned for its mild climate, has the nickname the English Riviera?
  30. Which town is the largest town in the county of Cheshire?
  31. Which Norfolk town has the motto "Gem of the Norfolk Coast" highlighted on its road signs?
  32. Blandford Forum is a market town in which English county?


  1. Thurso
  2. Telford
  3. Royal Leamington Spa, Royal Tunbridge Wells, and Royal Wootton Bassett
  4. Aldershot
  5. Barnstaple
  6. Mansfield
  7. Kirkwall
  8. Saffron Walden
  9. Bad
  10. Ludlow
  11. Wrexham
  12. Belgium
  13. Alice Springs
  14. Cumbria
  15. Colchester
  16. Dumfries
  17. Whitstable
  18. Berwick-upon-Tweed
  19. Pembrokeshire
  20. Buxton
  21. Bedfordshire
  22. Bury
  23. Cheltenham
  24. St Ives
  25. Knutsford
  26. Bognor Regis
  27. Fort William
  28. Lincolnshire
  29. Torquay
  30. Warrington

  31. Cromer
  32. Dorset (note: the Latin word Forum means market)