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Quiz Questions

  1. Which phrase is it traditional to say to a theatre performer to wish them "good luck"?
  2. Name the traditional festival, dating back to 1882, that is held in Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire, to celebrate the annual harvest?
  3. Which number is regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture?
  4. Which Spanish city is famous worldwide for 'the running of the bulls' during its San Fermín festival?
  5. Which Devon town, on the edge of Dartmooor, has held an annual Goosey Fair on the second Wednesday of October since 1823?
  6. In which country is it a tradition to eat a KFC dinner on Christmas day?
  7. What sort of fight happens on the last Wednesday of August in a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Bunol?
  8. Which city's street carnival, according to Guinness World Records, is the largest carnival in the world?
  9. The Oktoberfest, the world's largest beer festival, is held annually in which German city?
  10. In the UK, it is traditional on the 10th wedding anniversary to give a gift made from which material?

  11. The British Royal Family traditionally attend the annual Highland Games Gathering held in which Scottish village?
  12. For locals in Caracas, Venezuela, it is tradition to use which form of transport to get to Christmas mass?
  13. In which country are The Wife Carrying World Championships held annually, where the prize is the wife's weight in beer?
  14. Which country celebrates its Songkran New Year celebration each April with the world's biggest water fight?
  15. What is poet Jonathan Swift describing in his poem with the verse: "Deprived of root, and branch, and rind, Yet flowers I bear of every kind: And such is my prolific power, They bloom in less than half an hour."?
  16. What is the name of the small, rounded, lightweight boat traditionally used on the rivers of Wales?
  17. In which Irish castle can one lean backwards, holding on to an iron railing, to kiss a stone that bestows the 'gift of the gab'?
  18. Mardi Gras is also known as "Fat" what? (Hint: we need a day of the week)
  19. Whakapohane in the Maori culture is a physical gesture of disapproval or contempt, by what name in Western culture is this action generally known by?
  20. Every Spring Bank Holiday, a large round Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down which hill in Gloucester, in an event that started in the early 1800s?
  21. In which country is eating twelve grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve, both a superstition and tradition?
  22. What name is given to the papier-mache (or pottery) container filled with small toys or sweets which is broken as part of a celebration commonly associated with Mexico?
  23. Guy Fawkes Night is an annual commemoration observed on 5 November each year, but in which year was the actual Gunpowder Plot?
  24. The Royal Family traditionally spend Christmas at which of their residences?
  25. Which hymn by Henry Francis Lyte is traditionally sung before the FA Cup Final and prior to the kick-off at every Rugby League Challenge Cup Final since 1929?


  1. Break a leg
  2. Straw Bear Festival
  3. Eight
  4. Pamplona
  5. Tavistock
  6. Japan
  7. A tomato fight (the tradition of tomato throwing)
  8. Rio de Janeiro

  9. Munich (in Bavaria)
  10. Tin
  11. Braemar
  12. Rollerskates
  13. Finland
  14. Thailand
  15. A maypole
  16. Coracle
  17. Blarney Castle
  18. Fat Tuesday (the term Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday")
  19. Mooning (or baring one's buttocks)
  20. Cooper's Hill
  21. Spain
  22. Pinata
  23. 1605 (2 years after the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603)
  24. Sandringham House
  25. Abide with Me