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Quiz I

  1. Acer is a genus of trees commonly known by what name?
  2. Which small Colorado city, founded as a mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom, was later named after the abundance of certain trees in the area?
  3. What are linden trees commonly called in the UK?

  4. Pseudotsuga menziesii, an evergreen conifer species native to western North America, has a name which honours a Scottish botanist - what's the name of this tree?
  5. What type of 20 metre tall Christmas tree is normally donated by Norway for Trafalgar Square?
  6. Which popular garden tree, with yellow pea-flowers, are sometimes called golden chain or golden rain?
  7. The nuts of which trees in the British Isles are called conkers?
  8. Eucalyptus tree dominate the tree flora of which country? What common name is given to eucalyptus trees because of the way many exude sap from any break in their bark?
  9. What name is generally given to trees that drop their leaves at the end of the growing season and produce new leaves in the spring?
  10. Which trees are a traditional feature of churchyards?
  11. Can you name the only country named after a tree?
  12. What is dendrochronology?
  13. It used to be one of the most distinctive English countryside trees, as seen in the John Constable painting Salisbury Cathedral from the South-West, but by 1990, very few mature ones were left in Britain; which tree?

  14. tree quiz questions
    Question 12 - Tree quiz question?

  15. A giant sequoia tree located in Sequoia National Park, California, is by volume the largest known living single stem tree on Earth; it is named after which American Civil War general?
  16. Which genus of trees includes the plums, cherries, peaches, and apricots?
  17. What is the alternative name of the rowan tree?
  18. The bark of which tree is also known as “nature’s aspirin"?
  19. Possibly the most famous tree in the UK, 'The Major Oak’ is found in which forest?
  20. What is the more common name for the Crataegus or May-tree?
  21. Ochroma, a large, fast-growing tree known for its lightweight wood, is also known by what other name?
  22. What common name was coined for the seeds of the maple, ash and sycamore trees for the way they spiral through the air during dispersal?
  23. Often used to make walking or riding sticks, what is the more common name for the sloe tree?
  24. The wood of which tree was the most popular choice for water pipes until the 1700s, as unlike other woods it does not decay when kept permanently wet?
  25. What name was given to the Araucaria araucana species by the Victorians because of its spiny spiraling branches?
  26. What tree features in the middle of the flag of Lebanon?

  27. Answers:

    1. Maple
    2. Aspen
    3. Lime trees
    4. Douglas fir
    5. Spruce (Norway spruce)
    6. Laburnum
    7. Horse-chestnut tree
    8. Australia. Gum trees.
    9. Deciduos tress
    10. Yews
    11. Brazil
    12. Calculating a trees age by counting its rings
    13. Elm
    14. General Sherman
    15. Prunus
    16. Mountain-ash
    17. Willow tree
    18. Sherwood Forest
    19. Hawthorn
    20. Balsa tree
    21. Helicopters
    22. Blackthorn
    23. Elm
    24. Monkey Puzzle
    25. Cedar (Green cedar or Lebanon Cedar)

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