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We've listed some typical Trivial Pursuit questions in the same categories as the traditional board game. Trivial Pursuit was created in December 1979, in Montreal, Canada, by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott after finding pieces of their Scrabble game missing. It was released in 1981, with the game's popularity peaking in the mid 1980s.

Trivial Pursuit Blue - Geography

  1. How many hills is Sheffield said to be built on?
  2. Which Australian city was established in 1835 at the lower stretches of the Yarra River?
  3. The national flag of Cuba consists of how many alternating stripes?
  4. The Hindu Kush is a mountain range that stretches near the border of which two countries?
  5. Which geological period was named after the English county where rocks from this period were first studied?
  6. Which hills boast the source of the Thames?
  7. Name the world's most populated island?
  8. A person nicknamed a yellowhammer would be from which American state?
  9. Which Canadian city is the largest in the province of Alberta?
  10. The Bank of England's headquarters have been on which London street, since 1734?


  1. Seven
  2. Melbourne
  3. Five (three blue and two white)
  4. Afghanistan and Pakistan
  5. Devonian
  6. The Cotswolds
  7. Java
  8. Alabama
  9. Calgary
  10. Threadneedle Street

Trivial Pursuit Yellow - History

  1. Which King's defeat ended the War of the Roses?
  2. Spanish Town was the capital of which island from 1534 until 1872?
  3. Which battle fought on 6 July 1685, took place near Bridgwater in Somerset?
  4. How is Martha Canary, who died in 1903, better known?
  5. What was the codename for the Dunkirk evacuations in 1940?
  6. Who was born on the 14th of March 1879, in Ulm, Germany?
  7. The Black Death killed around a third of the population of Europe in which century?
  8. In 1534, Jacques Cartier claims what part of Canada for France?
  9. Name the last imperial dynasty of China?
  10. Hessian refers to a style of which sort of clothing that became popular from the beginning of the 19th century?


  1. Richard III's
  2. Jamaica
  3. Battle of Sedgmoor
  4. Calamity Jane
  5. Operation Dynamo
  6. Albert Einstein
  7. Fourteenth (1300s)
  8. Quebec
  9. Qing Dynasty
  10. Boots

Trivial Pursuit Orange - Sports & Leisure

  1. What nationality was Greg Rusedski before he became a British tennis star?
  2. How many hurdles must be cleared in 110m hurdles?
  3. The Borg-Warner Trophy, introduced in 1936, is awarded to the winner of which race?
  4. In 1930, which country won the first football World Cup?
  5. What word links a ski lift with a round plastic disc at the end of a long pole and a former Formula One World Champion?
  6. In horse racing, how many individual bets are there in a Yankee?
  7. Which European city hosted the 1928 Summer Olympic Games?
  8. To the nearest inch, what is the diameter of a golf hole?
  9. The athelete Frankie Fredericks represented which African country?
  10. Who won two gold medals for Great Britain in the 2008 Summer Paralympics despite being only 13?


  1. Canadian
  2. Ten
  3. Indianapolis 500
  4. Uruguay
  5. Button (Button lift and Jenson Button)
  6. Eleven
  7. Amsterdam
  8. 4 inches (to be exact, 4 and a 1/4 inches)
  9. Namibia
  10. Ellie Simmonds

Trivial Pursuit Pink - Entertainment

  1. Who won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom in 1997 with the song 'Love Shine a Light'?
  2. Sharon Stone was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in which 1995 film?
  3. Who starred as Lady Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham in the series Downton Abbey?
  4. In 1990, which soap actor reached number 2 in the UK Charts with the song 'Mona'?
  5. Gordon Gekko is a fictional character in which 1987 film?
  6. Which character in TV's Only Fools and Horses, wore a Trilby hat and was always boasting about some imagined business success?
  7. Which principal artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet is most recognized for the creation of the role The Dying Swan?
  8. Who is famous for the role of Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter film series?
  9. Which band consists of three brothers and a cousin, all with the last name Followill?
  10. In which 1940 satirical film did Charlie Chaplin impersonate Hitler?


  1. Katrina and the Waves
  2. Casino
  3. Maggie Smith
  4. Craig McLachlan
  5. Wall Street
  6. Mickey Pearce
  7. Anna Pavlova
  8. Miriam Margolyes
  9. Kings of Leon
  10. The Great Dictator

Trivial Pursuit Brown - Arts & Literature

  1. The Walker Art Gallery can be visited in which city?
  2. Who is by far the most famous creation of Michael Bond?
  3. What title is shared by an oil painting by Johannes Vermeer and a 2003 romantic drama directed by Peter Webber?
  4. Which Jules Verne novel was inspired by a book written by British geologist, Charles Lyell, in 1863?
  5. What was the best-selling novel of the 19th century?
  6. In a 1964 painting called The Son of Man by Rene Magrit, what is largely obscuring the man's face?
  7. Becky Sharp is the main character in which satirical novel?
  8. Who painted The Birth of Venus?
  9. The novel Crime and Punishment is set in which city?
  10. Who is credited with the first English translation of >Aesop's Fables, in 1484?


  1. Liverpool
  2. Paddington Bear
  3. Girl With a Pearl Earring
  4. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  5. Uncle Tom's Cabin
  6. A hovering green apple
  7. Vanity Fair
  8. Sandro Botticelli
  9. Saint Petersburg
  10. William Caxton

Trivial Pursuit Green - Science & Nature

  1. Which biblical measurement was approximately 18 inches?
  2. At what time should clocks be put forward or back for British daylight saving?
  3. Jonas Salk discovered and developed a vaccine for which disease?
  4. The aardvark is a nocturnal mammal native to which continent?
  5. Can you give the four classifications of blood types?
  6. Which animal is also known as the forest giraffe or zebra giraf?
  7. What name is given to the amount of substance of a system which contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in 0.012 kilogram of carbon 12?
  8. In 1895, what is German scientist Wilhelm Rontgen credited with discovering?
  9. The metallic alloy brass is made of copper and which other element?
  10. What type of insects are found in the Order Lepidoptera?


  1. Cubit
  2. 2AM
  3. Polio
  4. Africa
  5. A, B, AB, and O
  6. Okapi
  7. Mole
  8. X-rays
  9. Zinc
  10. Butterflies and moths

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