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Turkey Quiz


  1. Istanbul is Turkey's largest city, however, which city is Turkey's capital?
  2. Turkey borders which sea to the north?
  3. What was Istanbul named before 1930?
  4. Which empire, also called the Turkish Empire, controlled much of Southeast Europe and Western Asia between the 14th and early 20th centuries?

  5. What is Turkey's currency called?
  6. The country is located mainly on which large peninsula?
  7. A small portion of Turkey is situated on which peninsula in Southeast Europe?
  8. Most people in Turkey are Turks but what is the largest minority ethnic group living in the country?
  9. Which Turkish politician became president of Turkey in 2014?
  10. Which mosque built 1,200-years before the famous Blue Mosque is a world famous cultural and historical site in Istanbul?
  11. Name Turkey's highest mountain?
  12. Name the third most populous city in Turkey?
  13. The Nazar Boncugu is a very traditional good luck charm in Turkey. What colour is it?
  14. Which saint was born in Cappadocia, in modern-day Turkey around 270AD?
  15. Which ancient city is thought to have been located at Hisarlik in the northwest corner of modern-day Turkey?
  16. What is the population of Turkey: (a) 81.3 million, (b) 71.3 million, or (c) 61.3 million?
  17. Istanbul has a European and an Asian part, seperated by which strait?
  18. The national flag of Turkey features a star and crescent on what colour background?


  1. Ankara
  2. The Black Sea
  3. Constantinople
  4. The Ottoman Empire
  5. Turkish Lira
  6. The Anatolian Peninsula
  7. Balkan Penisula
  8. Kurds
  9. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  10. Hagia Sophia
  11. Mount Ararat
  12. Izmir
  13. Blue
  14. St George
  15. Troy
  16. (a) 81.3 million
  17. Bosporus or Bosphorus
  18. Red