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Questions I

  1. Which children's quiz show hosted by Susan Calman and first shown in 2016, involves teams of children answering questions in the National Curriculum?
  2. In the British television comedy panel game show hosted by Lee Mack what don't 'Duck Quacks' do?
  3. Which series features Michael Jackson in the fictional village of Pontyberry?

  4. Billy Crystal's earliest prominent role was as Jodie Dallas in which American sitcom?
  5. The detective drama series Rebus is set in and around which city?
  6. Can you name the chambermaid in the classic comedy Fawlty Towers?
  7. In The Simpsons episode 'Smart and Smarter' which guest (voice) gets beaten up by Homer Simpson while criticising his punches?
  8. On Monday 21 November 1983, Janet Ellis reported that what, over the weekend, had sadly been vandalised?
  9. Falcon Crest was an American soap opera set in the fictitious Tuscany Valley near which real city?
  10. Who co-hosted the 1996 late-night quiz show Carnal Knowledge with Maria McErlane?
  11. In which BBC drama did Miranda Hart play Camilla Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne?
  12. 'Pop Looks Bach' by Sam Fonteyn is the openning theme music to which television show?
  13. What the last name of Edina, the heavy-drinking, drug-abusing PR agent in Absolutely Fabulous?
  14. Which actress played Daffyd Thomas's mother in the second series of Little Britain?


  1. Top Class
  2. They don't echo (the name of the show is 'Duck Quacks Don't Echo')
  3. Stella
  4. Soap
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Polly
  7. Simon Cowell
  8. The Blue Peter Garden
  9. San Francisco
  10. Graham Norton
  11. Call the Midwife
  12. Ski Sunday
  13. Monsoon
  14. Ruth Madoc

Questions II

  1. What was the name of the Birmingham street featured in the TV documentary Benefits Street?
  2. What is the occupation of the fictional Timothy Lumsden who still lives at home in his forties?

  3. What's the first name of Sgt. Catherine Cawood's sister in television's Happy Valley?
  4. Whose first big role was Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210?
  5. Stephen Manderson is the co-host of Lip Sync Battle UK, by what name is he better known?
  6. Who played Sable Colby in the American soap opera Dynasty?
  7. Which seventies sitcom, set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Scarsdale, featured a good-natured council labourer usually clad in a donkey jacket?
  8. Which TV show is set in London's Paternoster Chop House restaurant?
  9. What is missing from the following list: two reeds, lion, horned viper, water and the eye of Horus?
  10. Des chiffres et des lettres is the original French version of which British show?


  1. James Turner Street
  2. Librarian (played by Ronnie Corbett in the sitcom Sorry)
  3. Clare (Cartwright)
  4. Tori Spelling
  5. Professor Green
  6. Stephanie Beacham
  7. Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt!
  8. First Dates
  9. Twisted flax (ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs used to represent clues in Only Connect)
  10. Countdown

Trivia Questions III

  1. The medical drama Grey's Anatomy is set in which city?
  2. Where was the sitcom Rising Damp supposedly set: (a)London, (b)Bristol, or (c)Yorkshire?
  3. Which Mad Men character is played by Christina Rene Hendricks?
  4. Actors Roy Marsden and Christopher Ryan played which feared villains in Only Fools and Horses?
  5. What is the name of the family in the seventies sitcom Bless This House?
  6. He claims to be Lancashire pub quiz champion; what name is fictional character Geoff Maltby better known by?
  7. Who has therapy sessions with fictional psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi?
  8. He has an IQ of 165 and a photographic memory; his best freind is Stevie Kenarban - who is he?
  9. Which fictional character was partnered by his cousin and fellow stuntman Howie Munson?
  10. Which actor played corrupt oil tycoon Carter McKay in the TV series Dallas, from 1988 to 1991.


  1. Seattle

  2. Yorkshire
  3. Joan Holloway
  4. Driscoll Brothers
  5. Abbott
  6. The Oracle (in the sitcom Benidorm>
  7. Tony Soprano
  8. Malcolm in the Middle
  9. Colt Seavers (also accept The Fall Guy)
  10. George Kennedy

TV Factoid:

The exact setting of the Victorian townhouse location in Rising Damp was never stated although it is implied to be Leeds and definitively Yorkshire, via references to Yorkshire Traction, the M62, the Corn Exchange and Leeds United. However, the film, was set in London.

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