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Kids Questions I

  1. The countries of China and India are on which large continent?

  1. What is the name of the main residence of the queen in London?
  2. In which sport do you use a bow to propel arrows at a round target?
  3. The Romans came from which modern day country?
  4. How many letters are there in the alphabet?
  5. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb which mountain?
  6. Which breed of dog is well known for having black spots on a white coat?
  7. How many years are there in a century?
  8. Which American president fought for slaves to be freed?
  9. According to the proverb, 'a trouble shard is a trouble...' what?
  10. What was the first name of the great explorer Columbus who discovered the Americas?
  11. The Flying Scotsman was a famous what?


  1. Asia

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. Archery
  3. Italy
  4. 26
  5. Everest
  6. Dalmation
  7. 100
  8. Abraham Lincoln
  9. Halved
  10. Christopher
  11. Train

Kids Questions II

  1. What does the abbreviation OAP stand for?
  2. What type of animal is an emu?
  3. In the nursery rhyme, who 'went up the hill to fetch a pail of water'? And what is a pail?
  4. Which ancient language was spoken by the Romans?
  5. What sort of boat do fishermen use to catch fish at sea?
  6. What type of creature is a kingfisher?
  7. What sort of toy is a round plastic disc that you can throw and catch?
  8. Starting with the letter 'E', what do we call a river's mouth where it widens into the sea?
  9. What is another word for elevator?
  10. Starting with the letter 'A' what is one of the highest ranks in the navy?
  11. What name is given to the common blinds that we open and close on windows?
  12. What colour are the flower of the buttercup?
  13. In a Daniel Defoe book, who got stranded on a desert island for many years?
  14. What do we call the space found directly below the roof of a house usually above the bedroom ceilings?
  15. How many arms does an octopus have?
  16. Which animals make a noise that sounds like laughing?


  1. Old age pensioner

  1. It's a large flightless bird
  2. Jack and Jill. A pail is a bucket.
  3. Latin
  4. Trawler
  5. Bird
  6. Frisbee
  7. Estuary
  8. Lift
  9. Admiral
  10. Venetian Blinds
  11. Yellow
  12. Robinson Crusoe
  13. Attic
  14. Eight arms
  15. Hyenas

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