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Two Letter Answers Quiz

All the questions in this quiz require just a two letter answer!


  1. Which two letters are worth the most in scrabble?
  2. Dorothy and Toto are deposited by a cyclone into Munchkin Country in which magical land?
  3. What two letters can be a Chinese politician and also the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet?
  4. Which small car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company was introduced on September 11, 1996 as a small and low-cost addition to the Ford range?
  5. What is the Roman numeral for 550?
  6. Sandi Toksvig replaced Stephen Fry in which British comedy television quiz show in 2016?
  7. What two initials were often used to describe an American soldier in World War Two?

  8. Which UK tennis player won two Grand Slam titles, both in the mixed doubles with Jeremy Bates - we just want the first name she was commonly known by?
  9. Name the god of the sun in Egyptian mythology?
  10. What two first initials are shared by former Egghead, Mr. de Mooi, and Irish rugby international Mr. Stander?
  11. What is the two letter country code top-level domain for South Africa?
  12. Name the important Sumerian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia, located at the site of modern Tell el-Muqayyar?
  13. Which dialect of the Chinese language is primarily in Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, the southern half of Jiangsu Province?
  14. Name the special day celebrated by mathematics nerds on March 14th?
  15. Which bovine trained as a draft animal is known as a bullock in Australia?
  16. Can you give the well known first name of the American film and television actress born Mary Cathleen Collins in 1956?
  17. What are the first two letters in the postcode for 10 Downing Street, London?
  18. By what name was Mr. T commonly known by in the 1980s television series The A-Team?
  19. Which two letter word can be placed in the centre of each of the following words to form a longer word in each case: DOES, CORNED, GOWN, and OUTING?
  20. Which river in western Siberia is the world's seventh-longest?
  21. Which two letter symbol is used in the measurement of frequency?
  22. Which two-letter acronym means "in the year of our Lord" in Latin?
  23. Which two initials go with Travers for the pen name of the author who wrote the Mary Poppins books?
  24. What two letters meaning air, in traditional Chinese culture, is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity?
  25. What is the chemical symbol for tin? Too easy? What about antimony?
  26. Which two letter Latin abbreviation means "that is"?
  27. What is the name of the longest river in Italy?
  28. Mr Barnum is widely credited with coining the phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute" - by what two first initials was he well known?


  1. Q and Z
  2. Oz (in the film and book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz)
  3. Xi
  4. Ka
  5. DL (D is 500, and L is 50)
  6. QI (short for Quite Interesting)
  7. G.I.
  8. Jo (Jo Durie)
  9. Ra (the Egyptian god of the sun)
  10. CJ (CJ de Mooi and CJ Stander)
  11. ZA (which is an abbreviation of the Dutch Zuid-Afrika)
  12. Ur
  13. Wu
  14. Pi (Pi Day - the clue is in the date, March 14 - March is the 3rd month, so it is 314 and of course, pi equals 3.14))
  15. Ox
  16. Bo (Bo Derek)
  17. SW (the postcode is SW1A 2AA)
  18. BA (B. A. Baracus)
  19. DO (to give dodoes, cordoned, godown and outdoing)
  20. Ob (the Ob river in Russia)
  21. Hz (hertz)
  22. A.D. (from the Latin, Anno Domini)

  23. PL (P. L. Travers)
  24. Qi
  25. Sn (Sn from Stannum, the Latin word for tin) and antimony is Sb
  26. i.e. (the abbreviation for the Latin phrase id est, meaning "that is")
  27. Po
  28. PT (P. T. Barnum)