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UFO Trivia Quiz


  1. Associated with alien and UFO sightings, the highly classified military base in the Nevada is know as 'Area' what?
  2. What "sort of fighters" was a term used by Allied aircraft pilots during World War II to describe mysterious aerial phenomena or UFOs?
  3. What name is given to the investigation of UFOs?
  4. Which planet is the object most often mistaken as a UFO?

  5. A crash incident near which town in New Mexico in 1947 do conspiracy theorists claim to be a UFO cover up by the United States government?
  6. Which former U.S. President famously reported seeing a UFO?
  7. An American radio adaptation of which novel incited panic in 1938 by convincing some listeners that a Martian invasion was taking place?
  8. The greatly publicized sighting of a UFO by American pilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947, resulted in the popularization of what term?
  9. UAP is a recent military term used to describe unidentified sightings - what does the acronym UAP stand for?
  10. South-west England is the world capital of which phenomenon that some link to extra-terrestrial activity?


  1. Area 51
  2. Foo fighters
  3. Ufology
  4. Venus
  5. Rosewell
  6. Jimmy Carter
  7. The War of the Worlds
  8. Flying Saucer
  9. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
  10. Crop circles