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Trivia Questions

  1. Which machine wrapped chocolates first made by Cadbury in 1938 are named after a packaging equipment company?
  2. Which product's logo features a striding man with the slogan "Born 1820, still going strong"?
  3. John Boot, founder of Boots the Chemists, originally set up a medicinal herbal remedies shop at Goose Gate in which English city?
  4. Which chain of British kitchenware stores was founded in Windermere?
  5. Scottish Widows was originally set up as a 'a general fund for securing provisions to widows and female relatives' of soldiers killed in which war?
  6. Which retailer started in Merseyside by John Hargreaves in 1985 got its name from combining the first names of Mr Hargreaves two sons?

  7. Ending its 51-year run, the last UK copies of which publication were posted out on 18 January 2019?
  8. Producing millions of toilets and basins annually, in which Staffordshire village is the only large scale ceramics manufacturing operation in the UK?
  9. Which object does the logo of Dettol use as a symbol for fighting germs and infection?
  10. Waitrose was acquired in 1937 by which employee-owned retailer?
  11. Which drinks company was founded by three Cambridge University graduates in 1998 with the trio selling their drinks from a stall at a London music festival?
  12. Bentley motor cars are mostly assembled in which English town?
  13. Which British brand, established in 1706 by a tea merchant, holds the world’s oldest continually-used commercial logo?
  14. Which chocolate product were first made commercially in 1974 by a British company and have been advertised with the slogan "taste the rainbow"?
  15. HSBC is a British multinational bank but what does the acronym HSBC stand for?
  16. Which fresh milk brand produced by Arla foods has an extended lifespan through a combination of microfiltration and light blocking containers?
  17. Which product did cricketer and footballer Denis Compton advertise in the 1940s and 1950s?
  18. In which Somerset Valley did Roger and Mary Mead begin making yogurt and selling it to local shops in 1974 using milk from their dairy herd?
  19. Scotsman John Lawson Johnston, who in 1874 was given a French Army contract to supply preserved beef products, is best known as the creator of which product?
  20. In 1903, which business partnership were allocated stall numbers 11 and 12 in Birkenhead open market where they opened their famous Penny Bazaar?
  21. The founder of which company invented the fabric gaberdine?
  22. Name the largest UK-owned motorcycle manufacturer which was established in 1983 by John Bloor after the original parent company went into receivership?
  23. What was founded in London in 1971 by brothers Bruno and Sergio and took over sponsorship of the Whitbread Book Awards in 2006?
  24. British companies Shand, Brompton and Enigma make what sort of products?
  25. Which name originated in 1953 as a brand name of the British die-casting company Lesney Products?


  1. Roses ("Rose Brothers" based in Lincolnshire originally manufactured and supplied the machines that wrapped the chocolates)
  2. Johnie Walker (whisky)
  3. Nottingham
  4. Lakeland
  5. Napoleonic Wars
  6. Matalan (Mat and Alan)
  7. Yellow Pages
  8. Armitage (which gave the brand name Armitage Shanks)
  9. Sword
  10. John Lewis
  11. Innocent Drinks
  12. Crewe
  13. Twinnings
  14. Skittles
  15. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
  16. Cravendale
  17. Brylcreem
  18. Yeo Valley
  19. Bovril
  20. Marks and Spencer

  21. Burberry
  22. Triumph or Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
  23. Costa Coffee
  24. Bicycles
  25. Matchbox