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Welcome to our UK Quiz - 28 questions all about the United Kingdom!

Quiz I

  1. Saint Mungo is the founder and patron saint of which city?
  2. Which of Henry VIII's wives is buried beside him in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle?
  3. In which town is The Weavers' Triangle - it's an area consisting mostly of Victorian industrial buildings clustered around the Leeds and Liverpool Canal?
  4. Who wrote the 1989 book A Vision of Britain: A Personal View of Architecture?

  5. Which large town hosts the largest one-day carnival in Europe and is also home to The Mossman Carriage Collection (the largest collection of horse-drawn vehicles in the UK)?
  6. Name the second largest settlement in the Highlands of Scotland?
  7. The Peak District National Park lies mainly within which county?
  8. What is Sir Anish Kapoor known for?
  9. Which city's 14th century cathedral church of Saint Michael was destoyed by the German Luftwaffe?
  10. Boudica was the queen of which British Celtic tribe?
  11. Scotland's Union Canal joins Edinburgh from which large town in the Central Lowlands?
  12. Whch mountain range in South Wales contains South Wales' highest mountain, Pen y Fan?
  13. Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II, is credited with introducing which custom to the British court?
  14. Which city became a spa with the Latin name Aquae Sulis in Roman times?


  1. Glasgow
  2. Jane Seymour
  3. Prince Charles (Prince of Wales)
  4. Fort William (only Inverness is larger)
  5. Luton
  6. Burnley
  7. Derbyshire
  8. Sculptor (Turner Prize winner in 2002)
  9. Coventry
  10. Iceni
  11. Falkirk
  12. Brecon Beacons
  13. Tea drinking
  14. Bath

UK Trivia II

  1. Which borough has the nickname the English Riviera?
  2. Name the strait that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England?
  3. Which son of Lichfield has been described in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as 'arguably the most distinguished man of letters in English history'?
  4. Which surname is shared by a member of 'the fab four' and the inventor of the device for solving the 'longitude problem'?
  5. 'Constable Country' named after the artist John Constable is on the border of which two counties?
  6. What was James Robertson, an Edinburgh botanist, the first to do on 17 August 1771?
  7. True or False. The Queen does not have a passport?
  8. RMS Titanic had two sisiter ship, HMHS Britannic was one, can you name the other?
  9. Which Welsh University towm is the administrative centre of Ceredigion, West Wales?
  10. In which Lake District village does the small local Ruskin Museum show a display of Donald Campbell memorabilia?
  11. In 1840, The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp - exactly, what three letters were printed on this stamp?
  12. Which city on the River Wensum was the capital of the most populous English county until the Industrial Revolution?
  13. What, famously, does Urquhart Castle overlook?
  14. Founded by Thomas Wakley, what was first published in London in 1823?


  1. Torbay
  2. The Solent
  3. Dr. Samuel Johnson
  4. Harrison (Beatle George, and John inventor of the marine chronometer)
  5. Essex and Suffolk
  6. Climb Ben Nevis
  7. True (passports are issued in her name and on her authority, thus making it superfluous for her to hold one)
  8. RMS Olympic

  9. Aberystwyth
  10. Coniston
  11. Postage (at the top) and, 'One Penny' (at the bottom)
  12. Norwich
  13. Loch Ness
  14. The Lancet