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Quiz I

  1. Which museum in Oxford is the world's oldest university museum?

  2. What is a PPE degree, as offered by Oxford university?
  3. The lower division of a second-class degrees is often given which nickname?
  4. What name is given to a rectangular courtyard, the sides of which are mainly occupied by parts of a large building, associated with a university campus?
  5. Trinity College, Corpus Christi and Pembroke are all constituent colleges of which university?
  6. English physicist and TV presenter Brian Cox is professor of particle physics at which university?
  7. Which European university is the oldest in the world?
  8. Which university in Edinburgh takes its name from a 16th-century Scottish mathematician?
  9. What's the name given to the group of universities perceived as representing the 'best' universities in Britain?
  10. Which American Ivy League university is based in Ithaca, New York?


  1. The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

  2. Philosophy, politics and economics
  3. A Desmond (named after Desmond Tutu)
  4. Quadrangle
  5. Cambridge University
  6. Manchester University
  7. University of Bologna
  8. Napier University
  9. Rusell Group
  10. Cornell University

Quiz II

  1. In which American state is Harvard University?
  2. Which university, founded between 1410 and 1413, is the oldest in Scotland?
  3. The University of Paris is often known by what name?
  4. Which Oxford University building was built in 1749 to house the Radcliffe Science Library?
  5. De Montfort University is a university in which British city?
  6. Which Welsh university town on Cardigan Bay is home to the National Library of Wales?
  7. Southampton Institute became a university in July 2005, by what name is it now known?
  8. Which British university is home to the Shakespeare Institute and has Prime Ministers Neville Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin amongst its alumni?
  9. Which university in Baltimore, Maryland, was named after its first benefactor, an American entrepreneur and abolitionist?
  10. Formerly Oxford Polytechnic, name Oxford's second university?


  1. Massachusetts
  2. University of St Andrews
  3. Sorbonne
  4. The Radcliffe Camera
  5. Leicester
  6. Aberystwyth
  7. Solent University
  8. Birmingham University
  9. John Hopkins
  10. Oxford Brookes

Universities Trivia III

  1. Economist Adam Smith, physicist Lord Kelvin, surgeon Joseph Lister and three British Prime Ministers have all atended which university?
  2. Aston University is a university situated in the centre of which city?

  3. Yale University is in which American state?
  4. The Open University administration centre is based in which large town?
  5. Which UK university is renowned for its sports provisions and is home to the world's largest university-based sports technology research group?
  6. Which American private research university is abbreviated as MIT?
  7. Albert Einstein went to university in which European city?
  8. In 1992, Liverpool Polytechnic became a university named after which famous founder of the now defunct Littlewoods pools?
  9. Mick Jagger once studied at the LSE, what does this acronym stand for?
  10. Dolly the sheep was cloned at the Roslin Institute, which is part of which university?
  11. Can you name the famous debating society founded in 1823 in the city of Oxford, whose membership is drawn primarily from Oxford University?
  12. Which scholarship is an international postgraduate award for students to study at the University of Oxford? Prominent recipients include Bill Clinton.
  13. Which university is the third oldest in England and also home to the Bill Bryson Library and the Wolfson Research Institute?
  14. Which university, often abbreviated to LSBU, is a public university in Elephant and Castle, London?
  15. And finally, which London university is abbreviated to SOAS?


  1. Glasgow university
  2. Birmingham
  3. Connecticut

  4. Milton Keynes
  5. Loughboroug
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  7. Zurich
  8. Sir John Moores
  9. London School of Economics (and Political Science)
  10. University of Edinburgh
  11. Oxford Union
  12. Rhodes scholarship
  13. Durham University
  14. London South Bank University
  15. School of Oriental and African Studies