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Unusual Place Names


  1. Which Australian city, which means 'the place of many crows' in the local Aboriginal language, is also the largest inland city in New South Wales?
  2. Knotty Ash is an area of which English city?
  3. Which area around a Central London road junction is believed to have got its name from a crest used by a group of ivory merchants known as the Worshipful Company of Cutlers?
  4. The community of Boring in the USA is twinned with which appropriately named Scottish village?
  5. The name of which American state capital translates to "red stick" in English?
  6. Name the only place in the UK with an exclamation mark after its name?

  7. Swords is a large suburban town on the east coast of which European county?
  8. The Virgin Islands are an archipelago in which sea?
  9. Waikikamukau is a small rural town in which country?
  10. Which city is the the capital of the American state of Arkansas?
  11. Bethlehem is a small farming village in which UK country?
  12. Slave Lake is a town in which country?
  13. The capital of Azerbaijan has a name which means "wind-pounded city" - can you name it?
  14. Which traditional cry made by huntsmen is also a township in North Carolina?
  15. The town of Spa is situated in the Ardennes mountains in which country?
  16. Which beach town in North Carolina shares its name with the Trotter's watering hole?
  17. What is the very appropriate name of a nearby hamlet to the south of the town of Sandwich, in Kent?
  18. The home of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is located on the northern edge of which English town?
  19. Which historic Old West town in South Dakota is where Wild Bill Hickok got shot in 1876?
  20. What is the capital and largest city of Greenland?
  21. Eggs And Bacon Bay is a community in which country?
  22. What sort of 'Kitchen' is a neighborhood on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City?
  23. Which city in the Indian state of West Bengal gives its name to an expanding bullet?
  24. Llanfair PG, or Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, is a large village on which island?
  25. 'Supporting Party Mountain' is the unusual name of a mountain on which continent?
  26. Which village in Westchester County, New York, is the basis for a short story by Washington Irving?
  27. Which Turkish city's mayor threatened to sue Warner Brothers for their use of its name in the film The Dark Knight?
  28. Which animal and body part combine to give the name of the fourth largest city in Saskatchewan, Canada?
  29. What name meaning "the high court" in Cornish is given to the most southerly point on mainland Great Britain?
  30. Great Snoring and Little Snoring are villages in which English county?


  1. Wagga Wagga
  2. Liverpool
  3. Elephant and Castle
  4. Dull (a village in Perth and Kinross, Scotland)
  5. Baton Rouge
  6. Westward Ho!
  7. Ireland
  8. Caribbean Sea
  9. New Zealand
  10. Little Rock
  11. Wales
  12. Canada
  13. Baku
  14. Tally-ho
  15. Belgium
  16. Nags Head
  17. Ham
  18. Bagshot
  19. Deadwood
  20. Nuuk
  21. Australia (Tasmania)
  22. Hell's Kitchen
  23. Dum Dum

  24. Anglesey
  25. Antarctica
  26. Sleepy Hollow
  27. Batman
  28. Moose Jaw
  29. Lizard Point
  30. Norfolk