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State Capitals List - All 50 states

Alabama (AL) - Montgomery
Alaska (AK) - Juneau
Arizona (AZ) - Phoenix
Arkansas (AR) - Little Rock
California (CA) - Sacramento
Colorado (CO) - Denver

Connecticut (CT) - Hartford
Delaware (DE) - Dover
Florida (FL) - Tallahassee
Georgia (GA) - Atlanta
Hawaii (HI) - Honolulu
Idaho (ID) - Boise
Illinois (IL) - Springfield
Indiana (IN) - Indianapolis
Iowa (IA) - Des Moines
Kansas (KS) - Topeka
Kentucky (KY) - Frankfort
Louisiana (LA) - Baton Rouge
Maine (ME) - Augusta
Maryland (MD) - Annapolis
Massachusetts (MA) - Boston
Michigan (MI) - Lansing
Minnesota (MN) - St. Paul
Mississippi (MS) - Jackson
Missouri (MO) - Jefferson City
Montana (MT) - Helena
Nebraska (NE) - Lincoln
Nevada (NV) - Carson City
New Hampshire (NH) - Concord
New Jersey (NJ) - Trenton
New Mexico (NM) - Santa Fe
New York (NY) - Albany
North Carolina (NC) - Raleigh
North Dakota (ND) - Bismarck
Ohio (OH) - Columbus
Oklahoma (OK) - Oklahoma City
Oregon (OR) - Salem
Pennsylvania (PA) - Harrisburg
Rhode Island (RI) - Providence
South Carolina (SC) - Columbia
South Dakota (SD) - Pierre
Tennessee (TN) - Nashville
Texas (TX) - Austin
Utah (UT) - Salt Lake City
Vermont (VT) - Montpelier
Virginia (VA) - Richmond
Washington (WA) - Olympia
West Virginia (WV) - Charleston
Wisconsin (WI) - Madison
Wyoming (WY) - Cheyenne

American State Capitals Quiz - 12 Questions

  1. Which State Capital is the highest (sitting at 7,000 feet above sea level)?
  2. Which State Capital means "red stick" in French?
  3. The only State Capital with a population of more than one million?

  4. And can you name the least populous U.S. state capital?
  5. Which State Capital is named after a legendary American frontiersman who died in 1868?
  6. Which State Capital was named after a port town in Kent by William Penn in 1683?
  7. Name the State Capital that gets its name from the Apalachee word meaning "old fields" or "old town"?
  8. Which State Capital combines the name of the state with the Greek word for city?
  9. Which State Capital's name means "wild potato" or possibly "a good place to dig wild potatoes" in the Shawnee Native American language?
  10. Which State Capital was renamed in 1694 to honour the heir to the English throne, and later Queen of England?
  11. Which capital was founded by Protestant pastor Roger Williams in 1636 and given a name that means "divine care"?
  12. Which State Capital was given its name by William Byrd II who thought the region looked a bit like a town in Surrey?


  1. Santa Fe (New Mexico)
  2. Baton Rouge
  3. Pheonix
  4. Montpelier
  5. Carson City (named after Kit Carson. Also note that Pierre was renamed in honour of 19th century settler and fur trader Pierre Chouteau (1789–1865).)
  6. Dover
  7. Tallahassee
  8. Indianapolis (polis is Greek for city)
  9. Topeka
  10. Annapolis
  11. Providence
  12. Richmond (after Richmond-upon-Thames in Surrey)