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10 Quiz Questions

  1. Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was partly set in which North Yorkshire seaside town?
  2. The Kiss of the Vampire is a 1963 British vampire film made by which film studio?
  3. Can you name the American author of The Vampire Chronicles?
  4. It’s thought Bram Stoker named Count Dracula after which fifteenth century ruler of Walachia in eatern Europe?

  5. Who plays Buffy Summer in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
  6. Vampire bats are found on which continent?
  7. Who plays the vampiric creature The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel?
  8. In which country is Transylvania, home of many vampire legends?
  9. What is the name of the Dutch vampire hunter in the novel Dracula?
  10. At just 11 years old, who played Claudia in the 1994 film Interview With the Vampire?
  11. Which famous horror film star was buried in his Dracula costume?


  1. Whitby
  2. Hammer Film Productions
  3. Anne Rice
  4. Vlad the Impaler
  5. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  6. South America but also accept North America as a correct answer
  7. Lady Gaga
  8. Romania
  9. Abraham Van Helsing

  10. Kirsten Dunst
  11. Bela Lugosi

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