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Venice Quiz and Answers


  1. Which square in the heart of Venice is the largest square in the city?
  2. Which palace built in Venetian Gothic style is one of the main landmarks in the city?
  3. A law requires that all gondolas should be painted what colour?
  4. Which is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal?

  5. What is the English name of the Ponte dei Sospiri, an enclosed bridge made of white limestone that connects to the New Prison?
  6. Which Italian artist painted grand scenes of the canals of Venice and also landscapes of London when he lived there between 1749 and 1752?
  7. There are 177 canals in Venice. Which S-shaped canal is the biggest and splits the city in two?
  8. Which Venetian composer and violinist also composed some 40 operas for public performance in Venice?
  9. After his death in 1324 who was buried in the church of San Lorenzo in Venice?
  10. What is the famous landmark Teatro La Fenice?
  11. Murano is a series of islands famous for the manufacture of what?
  12. Venice is situated on which sea?
  13. Which airport in Tessera is the closest to Venice?
  14. The Republic of Venice lost its independence when which leader conquered Venice in 1797 during the War of the First Coalition?


  1. Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square)
  2. The Doge's Palace (Italian: Palazzo Ducale; Venetian: PaƂaso Dogal)
  3. Black
  4. The Rialto Bridge (Italian: Ponte di Rialto)
  5. The Bridge of Sighs
  6. Canaletto
  7. Grand Canal
  8. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
  9. Marco Polo
  10. An opera house
  11. Glass
  12. The Adriatic Sea
  13. Marco Polo Airport (VCE)
  14. Napoleon Bonaparte