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Quiz Questions About Famous Ventriloquists


  1. Which English ventriloquist and television entertainer was associated primarily with the dummie Lord Charles?
  2. Roger De Courcey was a British ventriloquist best known for performing with which puppet?
  3. Which English ventriloquist was best known for his appearances with Orville the Duck?
  4. Terry Hall is credited with having been one of the first ventriloquists to use a non-human puppet as he appeared regularly on television with what type of animal?

  5. Which actor plays the role of Corky Withers and the voice of Fats in the 1978 American psychological horror film, Magic?
  6. Jay Johnson is a ventriloquist and actor best known for his role on which late 1970s television show as Chuck Campbell?
  7. Peter Brough was an English radio ventriloquist who became well-known for his association with which puppet? The puppet can lay claim to being Britain's first ventriloquist's dummy superstar.
  8. Which British comedian and ventriloquist from London was the winner of the 10th season of America's Got Talent?
  9. American ventriloquist Shari Lewis is best known as the original puppeteer of what sock puppet?
  10. What was the name of the orangutan that was the sidekick and nemesis of Orville the Duck?
  11. Which British actor has a daughter who is both an actress and a well-known ventriloquist?


  1. Ray Alan
  2. Nookie Bear
  3. Keith Harris
  4. A lion (Lenny the Lion)
  5. Anthony Hopkins
  6. Soap
  7. Archie Andrews
  8. Paul Zerdin
  9. Lamb Chop
  10. Cuddles, or Cuddles the Monkey
  11. Tom Conti (his daughter is Nina Conti)

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