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Veterinary Trivia

Quiz: animals and vet terms

  1. What are x-ray images called?
  2. What term means animals that are active during the night and sleep during the day?
  3. What word beginning with the letter 'E' means the severe loss of body weight?
  4. Which animal has the highest blood pressure of all mammals?

  5. Which food item contains a chemical called 'theobromine', which is toxic to dogs?
  6. The broncho-oesophageal artery is found in which animals?
  7. Which nerve, also called the ischiadic nerve, is the largest nerve in vertebrate animals?
  8. Hydrophobia is the name for which disease?
  9. Adult dogs should have how many permanent teeth?
  10. Name the English veterinary surgeon who wrote the book "All Creatures Great and Small"?
  11. What name is given for the ridge between the shoulder blades of a horse?
  12. What is a device that can be implanted into a blood vessel to keep it from collapsing called?
  13. Common in rabbits, coprophagia is the eating of what?
  14. The adjective chelonian describes which animal?
  15. Animals, like humans, are prone to what joint disease that results from inflammation or degeneration?
  16. A hematoma is a bad what?
  17. An E-collar is a plastic cone placed around the neck to prevent an animal from licking at a wound. What does the 'E' stand for?
  18. Give the common name for the blood-sucking parasitic invertebrates that have 8 legs and can spread different diseases?
  19. Also called the udder or breast, which glands in female animals are used to produce milk?
  20. What condition with the technical term icterus is caused by a buildup of bilirubin in the body?
  21. What term means sterilization by surgical removal of the ovaries of a female animal or testicles of a male animal?
  22. Which term is a disease which can be transmitted between animals and people?
  23. CT scanners give us highly detailed images of your pet's tissue, organs and bone structures. What does CT stand for?


  1. Radiographs
  2. Nocturnal
  3. Emaciation
  4. The giraffe
  5. Chocolate
  6. Horses
  7. Sciatic
  8. Rabies
  9. 42 teeth
  10. James Herriot
  11. Withers
  12. Stent
  13. Dung or fecal matter
  14. Tortoises or turtles
  15. Arthritis
  16. Bruise
  17. An Elizabethan collar
  18. Tick
  19. Mammary gland
  20. Jaundice
  21. Neuter
  22. Zoonotic
  23. A computed tomography scan